Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Thinking of studying in a makeup school? here are my advices

I would suggest that before you enroll you need to invest first in other personal or basic makeup workshops. Also watching demos from makeup brands youtube channels or professional makeup artists also helps. As to what I have observed you need to have knowledge and experience before entering a school. I have read that there are schools that guide their students well. Attending advanced makeup workshops are also not advisable if you are clueless about makeup application. You will get overwhelmed or confused with the many makeup brushes and products.

As to what I have observed makeup techniques differ per makeup artist and makeup school. Others start to draw their brows from the upper middle part while others prefer it from the inner corner below the brows. I would not say that one technique is right from the other because they are comfortable with that technique. Makeup schools also differ by specialty or forte. You should also find the ways where in you can work easier. Techniques also differ with the look you want to achieve.

Makeup preferences also differ per culture. In Korea they prefer a dewy finish while Western makeup prefers a matte finish. Here in the Philippines many prefer matte because the weather is hot and you can get oily easily.

The key is constantly practicing and finding out quality products.

Below is my vlog when I studied in Maquillage Professionnel makeup school.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Where to find Berries and Peaches palette?

BYS has a promo. P1500 you can buy 2 palettes and 1 on the go palette. Sulit diba?

So many are asking where to find these amazing palettes that are even dupes for Huda and Anastacia Beverly Hills palettes?

What the video below

Friday, October 6, 2017

Review: Nicole Cosmetics Lipstick

shades (from left): Confessions, Satisfaction, Cupid, Wonderwall, Ironic

The trend nowadays are organic products. This local brand of lipstick is one of them.

On the box the ingredients are listed and stated that it is cruelty free and made from natural ingredients


Having a box prevents other customers to use the product before purchasing them. The box is very pretty and colorful. However the white lipstick sometimes goes off leaving the lipstick exposed. You can read the name of the shade at the bottom of the white case.


All of the shades are pigmented especially when you apply it on top of dry skin (no lip balm). It is semi matte, long lasting and light weight. After I ate, only a little part goes off. It is not transferproof.

My favorite shade is Cupid. I have only 5 shades. There are 3 shades that I lack (Vamp, Twisted and Hypnotize.

This sells for P500 per tube and is available in Contents: 4g or 0.14 oz.

For me it is a good buy since it seems paraben free. It also have vitamin E. However it has Soybean seed extract so to those with Soybean allergy then you might to avoid this or if you want you may try this first on your hand than directly on the lips.

shade: Cupid
According the company's Instagram: Cupid is a good shade for fair people. Well my skin is not that fair but it fits me.

To know how the shades look like on the lips, watch the clip below:

I will also be posting the swatches on my Instagram.

Beauty To Face The World

I really like the lyrics of this song. I am even curious who is the composer.

It is a song for a promo of a company. Lea Salonga sang it. The lyrics are very encouraging and empowering. I sang along.

Beauty to Face The World Lyrics

Why are you hiding from a world that’s really meant for you? Why are you running from a life that’s written just for you? What are you afraid of? Step out and face the world.
See the beauty inside you it lifts you and carries all your dreams Feel the beauty within you it’s in you it’s bursting at the seams Now it’s time to spread the word.
Chorus: Look and feel beautiful And let your light shine through Show them all Beauty to face the world!
Look and feel beautiful And let your light shine through Show them all Beauty to face the world!
See the beauty inside you it lifts you and carries all your dreams Feel the beauty within you it’s in you it’s bursting at the seams Now share it with the world!
(Repeat Chorus) ----

Let Out Your Creativity and Join the 6th Tinta Awards

The United Print Media Group (UPMG), the premier association of major publication companies, with more than 100 titles of major newspapers, tabloids and magazines in the country will once again spearhead its flagship project, Tinta Awards.
The UPMG Tinta Awards, now on its 6th edition is the first Philippine press award-giving body geared toward recognizing excellence in print advertising. Its aim is to encourage creativity in print and to keep the spirit of print media alive in an increasingly digital terrain.  The eventgives due recognition to the creativity and excellence of Philippine print advertising practitioners.
The 6th Tinta Awards has categories ranging from consumer and public service print advertising, interactive and integrated print campaign, special printmedia execution to online advertising campaign and print craft. This year’s competition shall also recognize creativity in magazine and newspaper layout and design, and special supplements.
There is also a student category, which seeks to “attract new generation readers among the youth” through print media’s communication campaigns.
“I’ve always believed in creativity in advertising on print,” says Tinta Awards overall chairman Angel Guerrero, editor-in-chief and publisher of print media’s multi-awarded Adobo Magazine, “I believe print will remain a strong and relevant medium of communications.”
The contest is open to all Philippine-based advertising agencies, digital agencies, media independents, print media publishers and printing companies, advertisers, and college students.
For those up for the challenge, all entries must be an original and inspiring idea, relevant to its context, well executed, and entries must have been published or displayed for the first time between September 1, 2015 and September 2017.
The 2017 jury will be composed of distinguished luminaries from the advertising, publishing, media and creative industries. 
Deadline of entries on October 6. For more information, visit, call the UPMG Tinta Awards Secretariat at 403-7787 or email

Monday, October 2, 2017

Innovation Olympics 2017: Agri Meets Tech

East West Seed company conducted a competition where in students should come up with technology that can help smallholder farmers. The theme is New Technologies to Improve the Productivity of Vegetable Farmers. The invitation was given to different student organizations of different universities near NCR. The presentation of entries and awarding were held in REDREC Auditorium of University of the Philippines Los Banos last September 29, 2017.

A bootcamp was held days before the main competition day and mentors helped the students to improve their presentation skills. Thirteen proposals were submitted. Ten teams should have presented in the awarding day however due to conflict of schedules two teams were not able to attend. The criteria for evaluation teams were Entrepreneurial Approach, Business Innovation, Improving Farmers' Quality of Life and Improving Farmers' Standard of Living.

Winners will receive P150,000 each and should implement the projects within 2 weeks. The grand prize winner will receive P250,000 next year.

The top three winning teams are the following :

  • Agriviz (Asian Institute of Management) - E-magsasaka. It is an app where buyers can find the produce or crops they are looking for and order them. This aims the farmers to also be aware of marketing and productivity than focusing only in production.
    • Concerns I see in this project is the openness and knowledge of farmers in using an app and doing banking/payment transactions. Also if it is an app then it can be used worldwide.  According to the team assistance will be given to farmers and the app will be available just near the vicinity of the selected farms.
  • i-Agriventures (University of the Philippines Los Banos) - Crops Dryer. There are already target tomato growers that will benefit the technology but this dryer can also be used for other vegetables. The dryer costs P50,000. 
    • I hope it will be stationed in a coop as the amount is large for a smallholder farmer.
  • Team Oppa (University of the Philippines Los Banos) - sensor operated technology. It is a simple contraption will determine the soil moisture content, humidity and temperature. There will also be a text subscription about the weather forecast to help farmers decide if they will water crops.
    • Concerns I see in this project are the durability of the tool and inaccuracy in weather forecast.
Team Oppa answering questions from the judges during the final round

This competition helped the students be more aware and concerned of the agriculture sector of the country. It also enhanced their thinking abilities and encouraged them to come up with ideas to help farmers. I hope the students who attended the bootcamp will also spread the knowledge, skills and advocacy.

To see pictures click here. Find videos in my facebook or youtube.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Buy Wigs Online via Divatress

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Hair is the crowning glory of ladies. People look at the face when having conversation. Thus, they cannot avoid looking at the hair. Also when walking the hair covers the head and is the first one seen by people.

When you are going attend a costume party, wigs are one of the things listed as important. When filming a product review, wigs are also needed so looks can be different for every video. During fashion shows, wigs also help create a more sophisticated look or help achieve the overall look.

If your profession is a beautician or hairstylist then you really need wigs.

Divatress is a leading online shop of wigs. Divatress came from the words diva meaning queen and tress meaning locks or hair. They offer thousands of black hair care products and brands. There are many different wigs available like synthetic, human hair, remy and human hair blend. There are also many lengths and colors to choose from.

I have selected three wigs that I like.

If you are curious if short hair would look nice to you without cutting your longhair then try this wig. It looks so chic and fab. This short wig is called Storm.

If you need cover your forehead or achieve a Korean look, this wig is highly recommended. This Outre Velvet  100% Remi Human Hair Wig –is called Adrianna. It is also available in Jet Black or Off Black.

I also like this Sensationnel Empress Lace Front Edge Wig called Emily. Sweeping the hair over to the side can help make you look younger. Bleaching the hair can hurt the scalp sometimes especially if your scalp is not healthy. Frequent hair coloring can also damage your hair. Achieving this contrast of colors is not easy. To save time, might as well buy wigs online.
Divatress also have a live support chat in their website. Aside from wigs, they also have hair products, beauty products. You can order Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm (CST). You can also place your order over the phone. They accept all major credit cards. One of the good news is these wigs are free Shipping on orders above $45 (Continental U.S. only). They also have return and exchanges policy.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Review: Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

I bought this product from a Korean makeup online seller for P290. 


It does not come in a box unlike the 3W clinic which has a red box. Well anyway the box is not essential anyway if the customers of a store are disciplined enough not to twist the lid to open the container. 

The container is circular and mint green. It has a seal tape at the side. If the seal is broken it means it is not brand new.

It has a puff inside already. It is indicated that the powder will expire 24 months after the container is opened. There is also an expiration date.


It is long lasting. It can last upto 3 hours. Once in a while I touch my face to check if the powder is still there and it is. You will not feel oily. It is also lightweight. However this powder makes your makeup lighter than the original one. It has a white cast so I cannot use it in photoshoots or occassions where in pictures will be taken.

I bought a 3W clinic powder for P250 and it has more contents than Innisfree but Innisfree powder lasts longer.


Long lasting 5
Light weight 5
Price 4
Contents 4
Over all 3

Note: This is not a sponsored. All opinions are mine.

Information from Innisfree website
No sebum mineral powder 5g
This sebum control powder is designed to portray a soft and powdery complexion

What it is
1. Sebum control powder that allows for non-greasy, downy baby skin
Sebum absorption powder and mineral sebum control powder absorb excess sebum for a bright, downy skin as if presently putting on makeup.

2. Jeju natural minerals and mint for refreshing control of oil and moisture
Sebum absorption powder with Jeju natural minerals and mint restores an unhealthy balance of oil and moisture, leaving a refreshing finish.

3. Absorbing excess sebum and oil for downy makeup and an even skin tone
Absorbs excess sebum and oil to prevent makeup from becoming patchy, while correcting dull skin tone to keep the skin bright and radiant all day.
How to use
In the last stage of your daily skincare routine or makeup, use powder puff to gently apply onto entire face or sebum concentrated areas. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pasta in Chowder

Pasta in Chowder is so affordable and comes in big serving. It is not only for one person. I shared Puttanesca with my mom at home but we were not able to finish it. It is good for 3 people. It's Italian style (not sweet). It is very delicious. 😍 You can watch them cook your food.

Visit Chowder in Raymundo gate UP Los Banos Laguna. The food stall is under the big white tent (Fat Yard)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Free Tickets to International Book Fair

Sept 13-17, 2017
SMX Convention Center

Just download and print.