Thursday, March 22, 2018

Fenty Beauty Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick Review

Beauty Plus Ph sent me this product and I tried it. By just reading the title I can imagine that it has lots of shimmer particles inside. The lipstick is inside a box. The case is stylish and multicolored. It is not the regular lipstick case that you see in malls. Maybe due to the name Starlit the color resembles the galaxy.

Watch video below to see the swatch.

The lipstick when applied has a quite cold feeling that will linger about 5-10 seconds but it is not a burning or tingling sensation. It is a light coverage to you need to apply it twice. It is moisturizing and has large shimmer particles. It appears as very glossy. 

Honestly, I don't know which ocassion I can use this lipstick. I think I will use it with other lipsticks. I wish in the future I could have the Mattemoiselle.

Shade: Supanova

Friday, March 16, 2018

Me as Hair and Makeup Artist for 2 days in City of Dreams

I got a makeup client from a referral. Actually she is supposedly just one but I asked her if there are other officemates who will be needing my service so the time will be worth it and I still accommodate those who need me. These are two days consecutive and I have to travel to and fro. Luckily, I got two clients. On the first day there is another extra client so I got three. ^_^

It is isn't easy having 3 clients in 3 different rooms in Nobu Hotel. The time waiting for the golf car, waiting for the elevator to open and also waiting for the next client to arrive also consumed time. 

From City of Dreams I rode a golf car going to Nobu hotel. There is an elevator beside the Casino but bags are not allowed inside plus I don't have any keycard. The key is also needed inside the elevator.

The first event is the company's awatds night. And the second one is the company's musical play Grease. During the second day I only got two clients in 2 different rooms.

Inside the bathroom of each room you can see a wooden chair/bench that you can place infront of the mirror which has 2 lights on the side so that makes it like a vanity mirror. A hair blower is also already inside the bathroom. However one of my clients said it seems like the robes don't get to be changed or replenished everyday..

On top of the table infont of the TV are bottles of water, glasses, and I think I also saw some coffee, creamer and kettle.

The view from the 8th floor is breath taking. I saw the circular swimming pools, one on the left and one on the right. It is like a painting and I am convinced that City of Dreams landscaping was really planned. Ahahaha You cannot see this garden from the outside because it is secured by the walls of COD. You cannot also see the whole view if you are booked in a room at Upperground.

I thank my client for taking a picture of me with the view at the background. I am happy that I get to help people look and feel good while visiting expensive place like COD.

City of Dreams garden and pools at the background

The reception of Nobu Hotel has a wifi, also the wifi is still connected when you go inside the rooms. One thing I didn't like about the lobby is it is quite hot. Also there is no moving air. Maybe the aircon is on but due to the hot weather it is not so effective or the temperature setting is not so cold because there are few people in the reception area by the way but inside the rooms of Nobu hotel it is cold.

When there are people waiting to get booked the sofas are not enough. I am also not satisfied with the quality of the sofa because I saw some dirt on it. It is really disadvantageous if the sofa is made of cloth. Plus bedbugs can easily live in sofas made of cloth.

Me at Nobu Hotel reception area

What I like about Nobu Hotel and City of Dreams in general are the staff because they are kind and will attend to your needs and questions. You will really feel that you are welcome in the place. However one of my clients had a hard time booking even though the company already reserved rooms. 

The videos below are my vlogs about my 2 days work there. 

Day 1

Day 2


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dr. Paolo Bellosillo On Love

Sometimes, you will meet someone and it works. Sometimes, you will meet someone and it will feel like God intervened and made you meet. Most of the time though, you meet someone and they break your heart into a million pieces and you start to wonder, “why me?”
With hugot still being one of the trending topics of all time, we decided to ask Dr. Paolo Bellosillo who is known for advocating living a quality life to share his thoughts on how you can protect your heart from the greatest stressor in life, a heartbreak.
What are the qualities that a woman should look for in a guy?
A woman needs to look for someone who is God fearing because if a man fears God, he will be loyal, faithful, committed, responsible, and honest. These are traits that any woman should want for in a man. A man like this will never make you worry or fear that he will go astray.
What are the qualities that a man should look for in their future partners?
A man needs to look for a woman who is capable of being their partner in life. They need to find someone with a humble heart and someone who prioritizes their relationship over their pride.
How can you have a relationship that is good for both parties?
A relationship that preserves the dignity of the other person is always a good indication. When there is mutual trust and mutual respect, when a relationship is rooted in prayer and kindness then reinforced by communication, you know that it is beneficial to both parties.
What are your 5 tips for a healthy, smooth sailing relationship? 
  1. Pray together. When God is at the center of everything, everything will fall into place.
  2. Communicate. As they said, almost everything can be sorted through an open and honest communication. Avoid talking when both parties are in the peak of anger or fatigue.
  3. Be kind. If you can’t be anything, if there is no more love, then at least be kind. Avoid not to lose your respect for your partner.
  4. Be open. The two of you are not the same person which means that you will not have the same beliefs, the same principles, and the same ideologies. In fact, chances are big that you will have different ones so be open to understanding how the other person works.
  5. Let go of fear. Most of the time, we react negatively because of fear.
Any tips to our readers so that they too can have a lasting relationship?
Being in love is primarily focused on the heart, on love but everyday should always take that into account as love is a journey and a decision which both souls builds on.  While the whole world celebrates it, do so in a manner where it focuses not on consumerism or material things because they fade. Be original: play a song, sing a song, cook with love for your shared favorite dish, go to the first place where it all began with your special someone, or go to church and why delay it, say I DO, tie the knot. Just make sure the other is ready and fits in the qualities and attributes of those listed above After All when you Look Through The Eyes Of Love You Should Be Bringing Out The Best Of Me/You, Here There and Everywhere.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Review: Nyx Epic Ink

I won this product in a raffle from a makeup workshop I attended. I am not fond of lip tints since for me it is very tedious to apply before I will be able to go out of the house. This product is very pigmented and transferproof.

It has a transparent seal so customers will be assured it is not second hand. The wand makes it easy to apply the tint. It is watery and not sticky on the lips. It does not have a thick consistency.

The shade that I got is Heartbreaker. It is dark and suitable for those with fair skin. The first time that I used it, I applied it directly on my lips and my lips hurt. When I applied powder on my lips before applying the product my lips don't hurt anymore. I don't know why or which ingredient caused a burning sensation.

This product is good but maybe it is not for me.

Rating (1-5, 5 as highest)

Packaging- 4
Color - 4
Transferproof - 5
Long lasting - 5

Watch my video (demo and review)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: Marks and Spencer Lipstick

This lipstick is just given to me by a relative during Christmas season 2017. The case has a transparent plastic seal. It makes me feel assured that it is brand new. Written on the seal is Made from UK and Hypoallergenic. I am not sure if this available here in the Philippines. 

The Shade is Tea Rose. It has medium to full coverage. It is a creamy lipstick. 

The color is nice but my lips feel like burning when I applied it. Maybe there is an ingredient I am not used to. There is no list of ingredients on the case. It is not transferproof. It is a regular bullet lipstick. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Choosing A Dream Car is One Click Away

One of my dreams is to have my own car. Sometimes being a commuter is hard due to long lines to transportation tickets. Comfort is an issue since public transportation vehicles are mostly overcrowded and I cannot sit properly. There are times that I stand inside a bus. The smoke, pollution and rain also make it harder to commute.

1.     Style. I want car that will fit my personality. After all self branding is important. Part of self branding is the properties you have. I want a simpler one which is a sedan or coupe type of car. The color is also a factor. I want something that is not so striking so I would choose a gray one. The picture below is a sedan car. It is a 2018 Toyota Camry.

2.     Use or Lifestyle. The type of car will also depend on the use or lifestyle you have. If you are the type that moves many things or carry things in work then you might need a pickup.

3.     Safety and Number of people that will use it. For safety I prefer van or SUV because the case is huge or there is more space. In case there is an accident I will have more space and protection. If you have a family already and you are many a car with many seats is preferable.

If you have a toddler already it would be better to purchase a car with childlock.

I also want a car that has tinted windows.

4.     Budget. I really want a convertible one but budgetwise honestly I cannot afford it as of the moment. I also have this feeling that if I drive a convertible every day then people might think I am very rich then thieves might set me as a target.

Used cars have lower prices than new ones. However rumors are when the car is already used maybe it might need more repairs. It will be harder to use it if you do know nothing about car repair. I think the best option for me is to just buy a new one. will help you find the right car for you. It also has a tab for research, videos and reviews and repair. Aside from new cars they also have cars for sale which are used ones.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Lip and Cheek Tint by XOXO TPS Skin

I received this Lip and Cheek Tint as a freebie in a makeup workshop I attended. It is slightly watery. It is pigmented and once it is dried it is transferproof. It is organic and FDA approved. I also like that it has an expiry date at the side of the label. It also has a plastic transparent seal. Most lip tints I see online have no seal. The taste is not so sweet and just slightly fruity.

Shade: Fidem

Click the video below to watch my demo of using this product:

Rating: (1-5, 5 as highest)

Color 4
Consistency 4
Transferproof 5
Taste 4
Overall 4

Friday, January 12, 2018

Review: Shawill Liquid Eyeliner Pen

I bought this brought for only P99 in Watsons after attending a Makeup Workshop where in the makeup artist teacher said it is a good buy. I became curious so I bought two. One for me and one for my makeup clients.

It is longlasting, waterproof and has a matte finish. As stated in the packaging it is volumizing because the pen is not too thin. It is pigmented and applies evenly.

Below is my video having a demo using this product

Thursday, January 4, 2018

ManilaMed's Brain Center

ManilaMed's Brain Center offers state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment for checking on the the health of a person's brain. These include the Electroencephalogram (EEG) and video Electroencephalogram (EEG). They are used to track brain activities and record brain wave patterns. Small eletrodes are placed on the scalp of the patient and these detect brain waves. The brain waves are converted into signals and sent to a computer that records and prints out results.

Through this, neurologists can diagnose brain disorders and diseases including; Epilepsy (the most common disorder), Narcolepsy (sleep disorders), Alzheimer’s disease, Brain Infections and Hemorrhage, Disorders that affect Brain Tissues and Central Nervous System, Stroke,  Brain Tumor, Brain Death, and other conditions.

ManilaMed's compassionate doctors, dedicated medical staff, and modern facilities provide everything you need and deserve. We give our best to make you #FeelBetter

The ManilaMed Brain Center is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays (except holidays). For more information please call 523 8132 loc.
2822 or email:  You may also visit our website

ManilaMed's Eye Center

Keeping you healthy is our priority. That’s why we, here in ManilaMed offers you various state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities. We strive to give only the best to you and your loved ones just to make sure to make you feel better.

One of those centers is our very own, Eye Center. The center is equipped with topnotch diagnostic machines that provide doctors with accurate images and measurements necessary for the patient’s treatment. Expert ophthalmologists will take care of comprehensive tests and procedures for eye care. It has various examinations under this treatment according to your eye care needs.

It includes, Automated Visual Field Examination, Biometry and Pachymetry, Yag Laser, Fluorescein Angiography, Argon Laser, and Optical Coherence Tomography. These comprehensive examinations are equipped with the smart and latest apparatus to check and find any deficiencies.

Our expert ophthalmologists will never stop until you are satisfied on your eye care. After several tests and procedures according to your eye care needs, they will guide, advice, and assist you on proper eye care to prevent another eye health issues.

You may visit ManilaMed’s Eye Center Mondays to Saturdays, 8 AM to 5 PM. For inquiries and contact information, call (02) 523 8131 loc. 2020 or (+63) 936 385 4374 or email . Visit now and check-up. Here in ManilaMed, we do only our best, to make you feel better.