Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Skinaz Review: Lip Crayon Tint, Cats Eye Eyeliner, Stick Blusher

Skinaz sent me some Skinaz makeup products. Skinaz is a Korean brand.

Stick Blusher

The one they gave me is Baby Pink #1

The stick blush spread out evenly. It is a light pink but if you put more it would be bright pink. It doesn't have clumps. It is odorless.

Cats Eye Eyeliner

This is a liquid eyeliner with a glossy finish. It is easy to apply since it has a fine tip. The shade is Real Black. It smudge after 2-3 hours. It is odorless.


Lip crayon Tint

It has a glossy finish. It is not transfer proof. A tip I can give is to place translucent powder on top of it to minimize the shine. It is odorless. It glides smoothly and evenly. The shade is number 8 or Glam Red.


Below is my video of makeup demo and review of these products.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bring Your A-game This Payday

Have you ever worried about how to manage your savings until the next payday? While payday often calls for a well-deserved treat, watching your spending habits is key to properly managing your hard-earned money. Smarter spending means getting your money to go farther. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your earnings and make the most out of your next paycheck:
1. Sort out the necessities first.

First rule of payday spending: budget wisely. Schedule the payment of bills such as electricity, water, and communication ahead of time. Don’t forget to prioritize groceries and other home essentials, since needs should always go before wants. By putting your necessities first, you won’t have to worry about getting your subscriptions cut, or being faced with an empty fridge.

2. Do not forget the piggy bank.

Every month, have the discipline of setting money aside for your savings. Consider this your long-term fund for future use. Whether it be for your dream car, house, or retirement setup, a growing savings fund is a must for every earning individual.

3. When it comes to vacations, a bit of research can go a long way.

Long weeks of stress can often make you feel like you deserve to go on a vacation – and by all means, you do! Just do not fall into the trap of spending on a whim because your wallet is feeling fully-loaded from payday. Set money aside for that trip you’ve been wanting to take, and wait for the best times to buy -- research for non-peak rates, wait for airline promos, and scan booking sites before you buy. Oftentimes, putting in a bit of effort in your research can make a big difference.

4. Shop at your convenience, on your own terms.

Nowadays, payday is synonymous to traffic. People are out in the streets or in malls looking to maximize their payday gains. If you jump on the bandwagon, you risk spending unnecessarily on higher surge prices and stacked parking fees. Why not make a good, home-cooked meal, and treat yourself to online retail therapy instead? From August 15-18,Lazada Philippines will be hosting a Payday Sale – don’t miss up on this opportunity to maximize your payday spending at the comfort of your own home.

5. Keep an eye out for special deals and promotions.

Spend your money where you will get the most out of it. Another great thing about online shopping through Lazada is that the company always offers the best deals that will give you more bang for your buck. In partnership with your favorite brands and trusted banks, a discount, promotion, or freebie is always up for grabs at Lazada! A promotion you may want to keep your eyes out for this period is Mastercard Debit’s Lunchtime Deals -- get up to P400.00 off on your purchases between 12NN – 2 PM when you use your Mastercard Debit card for a minimum purchase of Php 1,500.00

6. Widen your search.

In this day and age, the surest way to find the best deals is to simply search for them! Browse for your favorite items online and compare prices. Don’t limit yourself to what’s available in the local market because Lazada Philippines opens you up a world of shopping options (literally!). And since Lazada now accepts Cash-on-Delivery for items shipped from abroad, there are really no limits to where you may find your next best deal.
At the end of the day, payday celebrations are well-worth it, as long as you know how to keep your spending in check. Apply these 6 nifty tricks during Lazada’s Payday Sale on August 15-18, and you’re sure to have your payday a-game on!   

Wonut Grand Opening

Have you seen a waffle and donut in one? Waffle + Donut is called a Wonut.

Flavor: Very Strawberry
They have a promo everyday which is Buy 2 Take 1 in all premium Wonuts. Every 10am-1pm they have a promo of Buy 1 take 1 in all regular Wonuts. They make their own ingredients to ensure the quality and freshness. They do not outsource the ingredients.

Left: Choco Mallow, Right: All White

In the business aspect they call their franchising as dealership because 50% of the administration and management will be from Wonut and not solely on the dealer. A kiosk type is more thank P600,000 and the cart type is around P300,000.

Wonut held its grand opening last August 12 at the 3rd floor of SM Calamba Laguna.

In terms of sweetness the teenagers and young ones would enjoy the taste. If you prefer non sweet food they also have wonut sandwiches.

A wonut is P65. It is worth it because of the size of serving.  My favorite is the all white. White chocolate is the toppings. Next time I would try the Black Forest Wonut.

Watch the clip below to know more of the ingredients and to see the food preparation.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

DIY makeup palette/case

Buying a magnetic palette case is quite expensive plus you cannot find them in nearby stores. Some online stores sell them but the price is like already an eye shadow palette.

You may follow these 3 easy steps:

Empty Plastic Pencil Case
Double Sided Tape or Gluegun and Glue stick

Step 1:  Wash the pencil or crayon case. I purchased white translucent ones for it to look neutral and for me to have a quick view of the colors it contains. Plastic is a good choice because it is not heavy. Metal ones might rust easily. Just make sure the plastic does not smell sour or acidic. I think if it stinks it might have high lead content.

Step 2: Place double sided tape on the bottom of the lipstick or eyeshadow pots. You may also use gluegun and gluestick for the pots to stick to the case. The problem with glue stick is the pots may not be on same levels or elevation. The dadvantage of using glue stick is it adheres more than double sided tape. I used double sided tape and sometimes that the pots moved when I brought them to a makeup gig but thank goodness they did not fall.

Step 3: Cut out the original label and paste or tape it on top of the case.

And there you have it. Just like this one that I made.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mary Kay Gel Semi Matte Lipstick Shades Combination + Its New Version coming up

Mary Kay Philippines had a fun online activity for its members. Available shades were combined and the finished look should be uploaded in Instagram with #MaryKaySecretShade

I got curious so I tried to shades of the lipsticks that I have which are Crushed Berry and Midnight Red Midnight Red is more matte than Crushed Berry. Combining the two made a darker red shade.

Lets have a closer look.

Which shade do you think fits me best?

By the way Mary Kay Philippines will be coming up with a new version of lipsticks.

Discover the long-lasting #MaryKay lipstick in our freshest new finish that delivers the genius of gel technology!
Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick, Price: P599
Available in 5 shades (from Left-Right):
Tranquil Toffee, Apple Berry, Haute Pink, Raspberry Ice,  Red Smolder
Stay tuned as I might create a blog inthe future or IG/FB post of the swatches.