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Ben&Ben and SB19 release “Kapangyarihan” performance video

 The visuals take a closer look at the intentions of the people we will put in power in the next few days

Ben&Ben and SB19 make an important stand on issues concerning power abuse and public service with the release of “Kapangyarihan” performance video.

With theatrical performance as its overarching theme, the visual conveys the song’s message through a fitting medium that reflects the realities of life.

“Theatre is meant to be experienced live but we used its intrinsic quality in presenting the ‘Kapangyarihan’ music video,” says Dexter M. Santos, the MV director. “By infusing the music video with narrative, choreography, set, and costume design as well as video, we hope to deliver a sincere and emphatic performance.

Shot in a stylized but dramatic approach, the video is interspersed with snippets of historical context and stories that question leaders and call for a meaningful change.

“The audience is reminded that this is a performance - yet a call to action is demanded from them; that there are bigger and stronger issues that we have to address after watching the performance,” Ben&Ben shares in a collective statement.

The release of the performance video comes just in time for the upcoming 2022 elections, where more than 60 million Filipinos decide on who will lead the country in the next 6 years. As Ben&Ben puts it, the visual narrative is a “constant reminder that speaks to everyone involved in an election.”

“To those in power it’s a reminder that the root of what they should be doing is service to the public, and if there is an abuse of that power then truth shall always prevail, no matter how anyone tries to hide it,” the nine-piece band adds. “To the people it is a reminder not to put politicians on a pedestal, and that we must always hold those we elect accountable for their actions.”

“Kapangyarihan” marks the second time that Ben&Ben and SB19 have collaborated on a track. Both critically acclaimed groups first worked on the rousing pop ballad, “MAPA (Band Version),” which has racked up more than 25 million streams on YouTube and Spotify combined.

Ben&Ben and SB19’s “Kapangyarihan” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines. Watch the MV here.

Ben&Ben captures fearlessness in pursuing romance with 2022 single “Paninindigan Kita”

 The song marks another chapter in the band’s career with its incredibly effortless songwriting and anthemic pop sound

Filipino folk-pop collective Ben&Ben marks a new era in music with the release of their 2022 single “Paninindigan Kita.”

Written by Paolo and Miguel Benjamin, the upbeat pop song captures the fearlessness of fighting for someone you love despite the disapproval from the people around.

“It is also an ode to a lover that might be hesitant to take a step forward in the relationship,” says the nine-piece outfit. “It's a heartfelt song that gives a balance between understanding where the lover is coming from, and a gentle reassurance that the one singing the song is ready and sure, after learning a lot so far about life and love.”

Expressing persistence in pursuing romantic love, “Paninindigan Kita” hits the emotions even more majestically with layers of melodic guitar lines, dazed harmonies, and deft arrangements. With the help of their long time producers and friends, Jean-Paul Verona and Sam Marquez, the track soars in mythic spectacle while maintaining a pop-leaning sound. As Ben&Ben puts it, “We really wanted to be unapologetically ourselves and let our natural tastes flow deep into the core of the song arrangement.”

“Paninindigan Kita” holds a special place in the band’s catalog, with it being the first song that they recorded in an actual studio since the pandemic started. Ben&Ben made the entire song at Spryrta, the same place where they recorded their multiplatinum full-length album, Limasawa Street.

“A definitely memorable part of the whole recording was doing the whole song in the excess of a day, working from 10am to 6am and rushing to the airport to catch a flight to Cebu only a few hours later,” shares the award-winning band.

It’s worth noting that “Paninindigan Kita” sounds incredibly effortless as far as songwriting and creating melodies are concerned. This time, Ben&Ben takes pride in bringing to life their emotions though a song, and celebrating how universal some stories are, regardless of its specifity in details.

“We were able to block out the noise and focus on simply speaking to our Liwanag,” the Pagtingin hitmakers point out. “As compared to before, we're a bit more open in the way we speak, and we're a bit more bold and confident with our attitude towards the subject of love, especially because the writer has matured and gained a deeper understanding of how love works.”

This year, the nine-piece ensemble hopes to share their music more to a global audience. With “Paninindigan Kita” marking an entirely different phase in creative and goal-setting terms, Ben&Ben is all set for bigger things in their career moving forward.

Paninindigan Kita” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Philippines.

The BEST Case Scenario for Waste


      Mondelēz International partners with Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies (BEST) to collect waste in Metro Manila

      Bring your waste at select collection sites for points and treats

The journey of waste from your home can sometimes be a treacherous one. Ideally, waste from your home is brought to a Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) where they are segregated according to type and diverted accordingly. However, according to Department of Environment and Natural Resources, in the Philippines only 35% of barangays have established and operational MRFs. This scenario can lead to waste being dumped illegally or even ending up in the oceans. Thankfully there is something we can all do to provide the best case scenario for waste.

Starting April 2022, Mondelēz International and Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies (BEST) are partnering to provide you more ways to properly manage your waste. Here’s how you can join:

  1. Just go to any of the 11 BEST waste drop off sites in Metro Manila from April to June 2022. You can view the list here.
  2. Bring the dry waste from your home like plastic, paper, metal and others. Make sure they are dry, clean, and free from food or other materials.
  3. For any type of waste brought in, you can earn environmental points. These points can be used to redeem select Mondelēz International snack products as well as other items and prizes from BEST.

This program will run for three months so you have plenty of time to collect waste at home and bring them to the sites. And you can do it regularly too as BEST runs their waste collection activities all year long! For a list of all accepted materials at BEST sites, click here. You can also redeem different prizes for your points, check out this list.

Mondelēz International is the maker of beloved snack products like Tang, Eden Cheese, Cheez Whiz, Oreo, Toblerone and Cadbury. The Company aims to empower people to snack right, with the right snack, for the right moment, and with snacks made the right way. “We believe in sustainable snacking, where we are able to produce our delicious products while lessening our environmental footprint, including the impact of waste,” shares Atty. Joseph Fabul, Country Manager for Corporate and Government Affairs of Mondelēz International in the Philippines. “We know that any waste, when not properly collected and diverted can end up in nature, particularly the oceans. That’s why we’re working with organizations like BEST to help support and strengthen waste collection efforts in the country.”

At the end of 2021, Mondelēz International and BEST partnered for a similar initiative where people received boxes of Cadbury Shots chocolate for the wastes they brought to collection sites. This resulted in the collection of 12,893 kilos of plastic waste alone, and the distribution of 10,800 boxes of Cadbury Shots chocolates.

BEST is engaged in contracting and consulting for waste management related businesses. Its primary mission is to provide avenues for comprehensive waste disposal systems, public cleansing, general hygiene and materials recovery that promote sustainable development through proper solid waste disposal and resource conservation.

“We thank Mondelēz International for their continued support to our waste collection initiatives,” ends Jan Vincent Mercado, Senior Vice President for Business Development of BEST. “The challenge of collecting waste is a big one, and we encourage everyone to do their part in ensuring we do not harm the environment. At home we encourage everyone to segregate their dry and wet waste. For your dry waste, bring them to our drop off sites and we can help you to properly divert them so they do not end up in landfills or the oceans. You not only help the environment, but you also receive rewards for the enormous good you are doing the earth.”

OH MY GULAY: Camille Prats’ kids love eating veggies?! Here’s how to make your kids love them too!


“I really used to struggle kasi hate na hate talaga ng kids ko dati ang veggies – ayaw nila yung taste. Taste is so important for kids, so I ensure na dapat na-eenjoy nila mga sineserve ko.”

Have you sat with your kids way past mealtime just to make sure they eat their veggies on the plate? How about resorting to bargaining more gadget time for just one more bite of that carrots? Well, you’re definitely not the only momma doing that. Even celebrities like Camille Prats have to do a bit of negotiating just to get her kids to eat their veggies.

Luckily, she shares some handy hacks with to do the trick without the crying, the bargaining, and the unnecessary drama that fills mealtime.

Here are 3 easy peasy ways to get your kids to eat their veggies according to Camille:

1. Oh My Gulay! May Gulay! – Instead of only serving your kids veggies, partner your kids’ meals with Tang Fruit & Veg. It comes in two flavors: Orange Carrot, which has the Vitamin C from oranges and Vitamin A from carrots, and Dalandan Malunggay, which has the Vitamin C from dalandan and the Iron of malunggay. Tang Fruit & Veg has the delicious taste of fruits AND the nutrition from veggies in a drink that kids love! Camille can vouch this – her kids love its taste so much, they actually ask her for it themselves! Yummy na, masustansya pa!

Oh My Gulay! Shop the NEW Tang Fruit & Veg here:

Oh My Gulay! Shop the NEW Tang Fruit & Veg here:

2. SmartMom Recipes - No need to work hard, just work smart! Incorporate veggies in delectable recipes that you know your kids will surely love. Your kids won’t notice that veggies are actually the main ingredient because of its delicious taste!

3. Appearance is key – Kids are very visual so it’s really all about making their plate look fun! Focus on making veggies look appetizing by using creative shapes and brightly colored bowls to increase their appetite. You can even add in their favorite animal or cartoon character for that extra wow factor! You can go as simple as making trees out of broccoli or more complex as making pirates from cucumbers-- the idea stays the same: make it fun!

Oh My Gulay! Shop the NEW Tang Fruit & Veg now to get the yummy taste of fruits with the nutrition benefits of veggies!:

Friday, May 6, 2022

Puerto Princesa: Paradise Regained

The Royal Treatment at Puerto Princesa

With safety protocols firmly enforced, Puerto Princesa is poised to again welcome tourists with open arms. In recent years, the highly urbanized city and tourist haven has been paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, then pummeled by Typhoon Odette. But it is now on the road to recovery---as spectacularly as its scenic, romantic and gastronomic attractions.
“The tourism industry is the lifeblood of Puerto Princesa, along with agriculture. Almost 15,000 people directly or indirectly benefit from tourism. In varying degrees, most of the recent construction and development projects are related to tourism: hotel-building, parks, cruise-ship ports, street lights, roads and many more. Unfortunately, some of these have been on hold since the onset of the pandemic,” discloses Demetrio “Toto” Alvior Jr., the city tourism officer.

The Royal Connection
Puerto Princesa, the capital of postcard-perfect Palawan, sprawls across 253,982 hectares of captivating coastlines stretched over 106 kilometers. Due to its strategic geographical location, it has sufficient depth to allow ships of all sizes to anchor, earning a reputation as a “Princess of Ports,” or in Spanish, “Puerto Princesa.”
There’s no contention that Puerto Princesa is one of the country’s greatest pleasures. A holiday destination universally beloved by travelers, beach-combers and trekkers; a bustling business center with a rural allure; a provincial vibe with modern amenities; and a clean and green city recognized for its lush forests, fresh air and frontier character.
Rising Above Covid-19
The city of Puerto Princesa has been struggling to get to its feet since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020. The lack of tourists, which is the main industry, has forced hundreds of tourism-related businesses to close, leaving thousands of tourism workers unemployed.
“The public-health crisis forced them to find alternative sources of income, which was made more difficult because of the restrictions of movement due to several lockdowns,” Mr. Alvior reveals. “One factor of low tourist arrivals is the fluctuating number of Covid cases, which in turn affects the determination of quarantine requirements and national government intervention policies.”
Today, Puerto Princesa is experiencing record lows in terms of economic losses, losing around P5 billion a year for the past two years from potential tourist receipts.
“The City Tourism Department has been strengthening its social media campaigns to encourage local tourists to visit local attractions, in a bid to boost much-needed revenues to the ailing tourism sector,” a cautiously optimistic Mr. Alvior says. “We have one important wish in the City Tourism Department, and that is to prioritize the aids for the Typhoon Odette-affected tourism industry here.”
The goal is to regain the city’s glory as an eco-tourism capital. “Our 2022 goals are full restoration of all the tourist attractions affected by Typhoon Odette such as the completion of the construction of the cruise-ship port and other man-made tourist attractions. There will be wide, extensive and aggressive promotions of Puerto Princesa to the local and international market.”

The Last Frontier
Puerto Princesa has a plethora of tourist spots. But many tourists who visit the city put the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the New7Wonders of Nature, on top of their list. As the jump-off point for exploring the world-famous Tubbataha Reef, the city also hosts a fair share of adventurers.
“Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have never ceased to hope that the future will be better. This year 2022 is no different. And while what we want is a full recovery, we cannot afford to be careless when taking big steps. As we begin to truly understand the gravity of the situation, we also come to realize that our moves must be consistent with the bigger picture such as the national situation,” Mr. Alvior says.
Since February 10, the city has been happily welcoming more visitors once again, hoping that the arrival numbers will soon be back to pre-pandemic levels. In this initiative, the tourism department shares the privilege on with the private sector.
“While the government is the administrator of the State, the private sector is the bloodline. The government and the private sector are two inseparable factors for Puerto Princesa to prosper, and more importantly, to recover,” Mr. Alvior says. “The key to recovery is to enable and support the private sector to keep or resume their business operations. When it comes to the city’s biggest partners, apart from government agencies, it is the collective impact of small-business operations.”
Puerto Princesa may be “The Last Frontier,” but the City Tourism Department is confident that it will always be the first choice of every traveler.

Rex Education and PPCRV call for voters to discern well, vote according to our values, and be Maka-Pilipinas

With the National Elections just within reach, Rex Education and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) are working together to help educate voters about the values we should be looking for in the leaders we will elect.

“How the Philippines will come out of this pandemic and handle the impending global economic recession will rely on the next 6 years. This is why it is crucial that the leaders we will elect in the upcoming May 9 elections share the heart of the Filipino people and possess the values to stand for and serve our country. We have to choose well and vote for someone who is truly Maka-Pilipinas,” said Rex Education CEO, Don Timothy Buhain.

The leader we deserve is Maka-Pilipinas
Varying standards, opinions, and principles come into play in the bid for national and local positions. What matters in the end when electing a leader is that it’s not enough to choose someone wise and experienced; we must also choose a leader who embodies the virtues of a true Filipino citizen and champion. PPCRV launched the voter education program that highlights what it takes to be Maka-Pilipinas to emphasize the values that make a true Filipino leader.
To be Maka-Pilipinas is to be maka-Diyos(faithful to God), maka-tao(respects life and people), maka-bayan(patriotic), at maka-kalikasan(environmentally concerned). These are the four good citizenship core values embedded in the 1987 Constitution, which highlights these core values’ roots and importance in our culture and history.
To help Filipinos better understand what makes a leader truly Maka-Pilipinas, PPCRV broke down the four core values—maka-Diyos, maka-tao, maka-bayan, at maka-kalikasan—into 16 good citizenship values. Does your candidate tick all the boxesof this checklist?
“We believe that through the living and the sharing of these basic values—not only by ourselves, but especially by our candidates—can our national vision of improving moral standards in government and in society be achieved,” PPCRV Chair Myla Villanueva said during the launch of the Maka-Pilipinas voter education program.

A champion of the people is a champion of education
Everyone is part of the solution. As champions of education—as Edukampyons—it is every Filipino’s duty to embody the 16 good citizenship values that we wish to see in our leaders. It is also up to each of us to encourage our fellow Edukampyons to live these values, so they may also know what it means to elect a leader who is truly Maka-Pilipinas.
“Voter’s education starts at home, where values are introduced and cultivated in our families. Under REX’s Edukampyon campaign, we want to give every Filipino learner an opportunity to have a good education, stable well-being, and a future where they can be their best selves. To do that, we must have the support of government leaders who value the same things, after our own heart, and cares just as much for the development of our learners,” Buhain shared further.
To serve as a reminder to choose with discernment and vote responsibly this coming election, PPCRV created a Maka-Pilipinas comics that promote the 16 good citizenship values. A line from the comics read: “Your vote is your hope. Your vote is your prayer. Vote wisely.”
The Maka-Pilipinas comics in English can be read through the PPCRV Facebook page here. Printed copies of the comics were also sponsored by Rex Education and distributed to various schools and communities.
It is also available in various Filipino dialects: BikolanoBisayaIlokanoIlonggoTagalog, and Taglish.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Keep your family extra cool and germ-free this summer season!


The summer season is officially here which can only mean one thing: outdoor family fun for everyone!

The hot weather pushes more families to have more quality time while cooling down—enjoying frozen treats at home, watching movies again at the cinemas, going on beach trips, or simply playing with one another outdoors.

But with the pandemic still not over, it’s going to be double the effort for parents as they keep their families safe not only from intense heat, but also from germs. Fortunately, both of these worries can be eased with the Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel which is perfect for the hot summer season!

Dermatologically tested and formulated with menthol and eucalyptus, the Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel instantly soothes and calms the 

skin with long-lasting freshness and cooling sensation against the heat of the season! It also helps to fight 99.9% of disease-causing germs that thrive on the skin, all while retaining moisture with Avon’s Germ Defense + Moisture Lock Technology—leaving the skin moisturized all day long!

Since the lotion gel is lightweight and quick-absorbing, the skin won’t feel greasy or sticky, wherever the season takes you—whether you’re lounging at home, enjoying the beach, visiting the amusement park, spending time at the playground, or exploring the great outdoors!

Get ready to plunge into a hot new season and keep everybody in the family cool and germ-free with 400mL or 250mL available sizes. Shop for the Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel and more of your favorite Avon products at or contact your local Avon representative.

Check out Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Five Simple Tricks to Create Legendary Lashes


The eyes are the windows to the soul. While a bold eye shadow will definitely catch anyone’s attention, lashes with visible length and volume will keep them coming back for more!

So if you’re wondering how you can up your allure for the next date night, lock everyone’s attention during presentations, or simply bring the focus on your eyes while wearing a face mask – here are foolproof ways you can create lashes that stand out in terms of both length and volume, no falsies needed.

1.     Curl your lashes first, girl

Some ladies, especially those on-the-go, might skip this step before applying mascara to instantly up their lash game. However, a simple preparation will give you that extra edge.

The secret? Curling your lashes for about ten seconds. This gives it enough time to be bent to a more ideal shape while also respecting how delicate lashes actually are – once is enough! After that, you can apply a lash primer or a clear mascara which helps lengthen the lashes and reduce clumps. Let it stay and dry before applying the regular mascara.

2.     Avoid the clumps

Being at home for a while gave us fewer chances to need lashes with extra oomph. This might have affected the mascara formula, which when applied could result to clumpiness.

Set your mascara back to its original consistency by warming the tube (with the cap tightly secured, of course!) in a glass of hot water for a couple of minutes. When taking out the wand, don’t dip; twirl it instead to evenly distribute the formula onto the brush. Still got some excess? Wipe the brush on a clean tissue before applying it on your lashes for an even spread.

3.     Start at the root and wiggle your way up

For mascara newbies, it might make sense to apply the product right at the tip but that’s actually one of the beauty no-no’s.

Start by wiggling the brush at the base of your lashes, and then start pulling up while maintaining that wiggling motion to keep the lashes separate from each other and create that desired illusion of full lashes. A flick of the wrist upward as you reach the end also extends the curl.

4.     Take time to layer your lashes

Remember: applying mascara to your lashes adds a layer of product to your natural hair follicles. With each layer applied, the more length your lashes will have, so take time to build it up as you go.

Aside from the clear mascara or primer mentioned earlier, a quick and easy way to add layers is by applying translucent powder in between coats of mascara, which will help the product cling to your lashes and make them thicker as you go. You could also mix and match other variants like waterproof mascara to make sure they’re protected from the elements.

5.     When it comes to your lashes - size matters

You’re already making a huge effort to make your lashes stand out, so keep everything on fleek by using Avon’s new and exclusive Legendary Lengths Mascara.

Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara

Extend your lashes up to 50% with 3x the volume thanks to the next generation polymers expertly formulated in the product, applied with the instalength tapered brush, giving you 100% Lash Satisfaction from root to tip that can last all day.


“Why choose between length and volume when you can have both?”, says social media sensation Mimiyuuuh, who refuses to settle when it comes to her look and the beauty products that she uses. With the help of Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara, Mimi turns heads with volumized and longer lashes that are just to die for, without having to compromise one for the other.


To get your own Legendary Lengths Mascara, contact an Avon Representative near you or visit to purchase.