This blog started January 13, 2015. 
I am a youtuber since 2007.

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Paid press release posting,
Paid article writing, 
Fund Raiser/Sponsorship for Events,
Product review,
Events promotions and coordination,
Website Making and Management
Social Media Management 
Giveaway hosting.


My blog is about product reviews, giveaways, events and business features.

I am open for invites, collaborations, giveaway hosting, product reviews, press releases, etc

My site is PR friendly. As of the moment I review products that I use. It's good to start with the ones that I have so I can share to my viewers the effect of the products to me. In a way, also help my readers evaluate whether they will purchase the products or not. 

usually describe the packaging, ingredients or contents, how helpful or useful the ingredients are. At the end of the review I usually rate the product from 1 to 5 as 5 being the highest. I list criteria like packaging, long lasting effect, smell, color, user friendly, durability, etc depending which type of product I am reviewing. The submission of product review might a longer time depending on the kind of product i.e. scar lightener, creams, lotions etc.

I also do Vlogs of events I attended and product reviews depending on the arrangement with the company.

Sample of Product Reviews

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