Thursday, June 27, 2019

Perfume Dessert London

Perfume Dessert London sent me three kinds of their perfumes. From left Peach Bourbon Popsicle, Fruit Tart and French Macaron. 💕

Peach Bourbon Popsicle for me is the most subtle among the three. Fruit Tart has a sweet scent. It can make you more awake and happy. Teens would love this scent. French Macaron is like for posh people. It has a gentle and classy scent. 💙

I would wear French Macaron because it is not too subtle but still has a girly scent. 😊

The packaging is so colorful, girly, attractive, unique and lovely. It contains 30ml so you will not ran out of perfume easily. It is from UK. Since it has alcohol be careful not to smell it so close to the nose because you might smell or feel the sting of the scent.  ✨💖

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Zilingo announces a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (South Asia) to launch MARVEL, Disney and Star Wars-themed fashion and lifestyle collections

E-commerce platform Zilingo today announced a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (South Asia) to develop and retail over 20 collections comprising more than 500 products inspired by beloved stories and characters from MARVEL, Disney and Star Wars.

“This collaboration is particularly personal for me. I think it is safe to say that almost everyone grew up looking up to MARVEL Super Heroes and I am a big fan myself. The journey of a hero is all about overcoming challenges and conquering your fears and when we met the Disney team, we instantly connected on our shared values of courage and hope. We could immediately envision what we wanted to do with Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame and other properties. Over the next few quarters, we hope to bring inspired collections to customers across Asia,” said Ankiti Bose, Co-founder and CEO, Zilingo.

“We are focused on developing exceptional products for Disney, MARVEL, Pixar and Star Wars fans with partners who share our values and high expectations on quality and experience. Working with Zilingo, we are bringing high quality products with an amazing design aesthetic to fans and consumers in Southeast Asia and India,” said Dan Dossa, Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Products Commercialization, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia, India, Middle East and North Africa.

The first collection of the collaboration, Marvel X Zilingo, launches hot on the heels of the record-breaking Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. The collection is inspired by the edgy styles of 90’s street fashion and the epic stories of fan-favourite Super Heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and Captain Marvel. It speaks to both fashion lovers and die-hard fans of  MARVEL, taking a unique spin on creating a merchandise line that is both wearable and on-trend.  The range will feature t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, leggings and joggers.

The Marvel X Zilingo collection is now available on Zilingo ( in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. It will also be available on top e-commerce platforms like Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada across Southeast Asia, and Amazon and Flipkart in India.

In the coming months, fans can also look forward to Aladdin, Frozen 2 and Star Wars-themed collections slated to coincide with Disney’s upcoming cinematic releases, alongside the launch of a Mickey & Friends collection in August. From chic athleisure gear to trendy summer casuals for men and women, to pyjamas, lunchboxes and water bottles for children, these collections will delight Disney fans of all ages.

Each collection will be managed by Zilingo’s private label service; a one-stop technology platform helping brands build their own private labels – from design and manufacturing to logistics, analytics and distribution. Differentiating itself from other marketplaces through its B2B arm which offers brands and media properties access to the entire fashion supply chain from yarn to closet, Zilingo is making its collections easily accessible to over 23% of the global population across five markets in Asia.

The service has been made possible as a result of the company’s swift expansion from its B2C platform to its B2B services, having identified and unlocked value for merchants and manufacturers across the supply chain all over Asia. It extends to businesses globally, regardless of size, that seek access to Asia’s producers who account for US$1.4 trillion of the US$3 trillion global fashion manufacturing market. Zilingo’s presence in Southeast Asia and India allows it to offer a unique online retail experience for Disney fans and fashion-forward consumers at the heart of a region where e-commerce is scaling rapidly, making it Asia’s fastest growing marketplace.

Syd Hartha Takes a Pro-Women Stand on New Single "Ayaw"

Upcoming singer-songwriter syd hartha breaks out from the mold with the release of her new single, "ayaw."

Known for her intricate folk-pop sketches and disarming vocals, the 17-year-old artist  takes a step back from her confessional musings to affirm her stand against sexual harassment and abuse towards women in general.

The empowering number, which syd hartha wrote as a reminder for people to respect boundaries, delivers an inspiring message that puts into light the importance of consent. "It is undeniable that sexual harassment continues to be a prevalent issue that we face today," syd hartha points out. "I feel for the victims of catcalling and rape, and understand how hard it is to talk about their experience. As a musician who some people look up to, I know I have to use my voice in behalf of all the victims and survivors. This inspired me to write ayaw."

A well-conceived effort that embraces her newfound strength as a singer-songwriter, "ayaw" suggests lyrical confidence and maturity that's beyond her age. Production-wise, it's her most sonically adventurous release to date: an excursion to a more bluesy territory, a more organic vibe that gives her personality the spunk and edge it needs.

"ayaw" is syd hartha's third single, and her first official release under Sony Music Philippines. The song is now available on streaming and download platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes store and Deezer.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

400 subs giveaway! 😊

Hi everyone I have an ongoing giveaway in Instagram

2 winners of the same set. 😄💕

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Prizes: 2 Luv cosmetics lip tints, 1 Olay Magnemask Infusion Whitening mask, 2 P200 Turks gift cert, brow template, blus brush, Yuaki whitening cream, hydro luminous cream, youth serum capsules.

This giveaway is not sponsored by the brands mentioned above. 😊

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Back to School with Isay

Award-winning and Amazon bestselling author, inspirational and international speaker Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag inspires and empowers the younger generation through her latest children’s book and advocacy.

MANILA, Philippines – May  27, 2019Award-winning and Amazon bestselling author Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag continues to inspire and empower young Filipino students through her latest children’s book titled Maliit na ang Palda ni Isay. This book was launched last year during the 39th Manila International Book Fair.

Aside from launching the children’s book, the author also launched an advocacy called Isay Goes to Schools: A Book Donation Drive and Public School Tour. Gumap-as Dumadag invites individuals, groups, organizations and companies to help her raise funds so they can donate copies of Maliit na ang Palda ni Isay to public schools, public libraries and poor communities around the Philippines.

“I want to inspire and encourage more children, especially those from the marginalized sectors, through this book.  I want to encourage them to dream and to be brave enough to dream big. I want them to know that dreams can come true with a lot of hard work and grace from God.  I know this is possible because I personally experienced it,” the author shares.
The book was inspired by the author’s experience during her elementary years. This book beautifully highlights that it is more important to get an education than to have brand new things for school, aside from encouraging the readers/students to reuse and recycle.  It is written both in Filipino and English.

“This advocacy is my way of paying it forward and my way of helping mold the character of the next generation of Filipinos,” she added.

“Teresa’s book reminds me of my own childhood. We were taught to take good care of our belongings, just like Isay was. This book is a good tool for parents to teach their kids about what really matters in life,” says Tina Santiago-Rodriguez, an award-winning blogger and the Editor-in-Chief of Mustard magazine for children.

This first book donation with public school tour and storytelling activity was done at Baclaran Elementary School Unit 1 last year. It was sponsored by Full Life Cube and Hands-On Parent while Earning. Since then, donations were also made to some public libraries and IP children like the Mangyans in Mindoro.


More funds are still needed to support upcoming book donations and school tours. Cash donations are most welcome and may be sent through BPI, BDO, PayPal, Palawan Express or GCash. Read more about how you can support this advocacy here. 

You may also help spread the word by sharing posters about this book and advocacy from their Facebook pages on your social media accounts.

The children’s book Maliit na ang Palda ni Isay can be purchased at P100 only per copy through the Facebook Pages Full Life Cube and Hands-On Parent while Earning, by purchasing it through the Hands-on Parent while Earning online shop or at National Bookstore branches.

Feel free to send a message to the author through their Facebook Pages or e-mail her at to support this life-changing advocacy in any way.

About Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

TERESA GUMAP-AS DUMADAG is a Filipino mom who shares inspiration and wisdom through her books, articles, blog (Hands-On Parent while Earning), talks, trainings, and workshops. Maliit na ang Palda ni Isay is her second children’s book.  She has published seven (7) books to-date, including From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom which is her second Amazon bestseller and a winner in the E-Book Category at the 12th Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards. She is the President and Founder of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services (, through which she inspires and equips her clients to succeed in their businesses/careers while living out their priorities and life’s purposes. She does all these while homeschooling her three children. Follow @TeresaGDumadag on Twitter and  @teresadumadag on Instagram.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Keep Your Hopes Up

There are times that challenges don't seem to end, you are deprived of opportunities than others, the weight of the world is too much to carry or carrying your own cross alone is heavy. When you thought a problem is solved but it was just a temporary relief or you feel you are just merely surviving but wants to see more.

💙 Avoid looking how fortunate other people are.
💙 Avoid looking at others' social media because people mostly post only just the good ones or pretend just to be accepted by the society.
💙 Don't count your hardships and obstacles.
💙 Think of ways to counterattack.
💙 Exhaust all resources, connections and energy.
💙 Avoid putting too much emotional energy.
💙 Think there is got to be more than these things. You haven't reached the top.
💙 These problems won't last forever.
💙 Write down your dreams and goals again. Strategize how you can achieve them.
💙 Be with positive people. Surround yourself with positive things.
💙 Avoid sad music or tv shows with scenes that would bring you back past traumas.
💙 Block thoughts that bring you down.
💙 If friends are far who could tell you encouraging words search quotes or play positive podcasts.
💙 Stop thinking you are the only one in the world experiencing hardships. Even the rich ones have their own level of hardships.

If you have a friend having a hard time, a simple question of "How are you?" is important for them. Avoid closing your doors when they tell you their stories.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Diana Stalder derma clinic FREE reseller program + my skin analysis

Diana Stalder derma clinic have a reseller program in which there is no membership fee. Just purchase minimum P2500 of their skincare and bodycare products and you already have 25-40% discount. Product knowledge training will be schedule per branch. Inquire at the branch nearest you.

Diana Stalder derma clinic has a skin analyzer which have values or numbers which makes data more reliable.

My results- I have dry skin, low elasticity of the skin and needs to use at least SPF 28. I need to use a better moisturizer, at least SPF 30 and product with collagen. Have your skin analyzed too.

Megamall and Gateway branches have a cafe/restaurant in which you can buy a healthy meal as low as P199 even if you are not scheduled for a skin treatment. The leafy vegetables are from their organic farm.
Thank you Diana Stalder derma clinic for the good treatment to bloggers. For more photos click here.

For collabs, product reviews, event invitations, giveaway hosting email me at
You can buy Diana Stalder products in my shopee "manystuff4sale"

Monday, June 3, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Furrypinas 2019

FurryPinas 2019, the premiere Furry Convention in the region is just a few days away. We’re listing down everything that you need to know about the 2-day furry con!

For two-days attendees can get to enjoy a beach-themed summer extravaganza with FurryPinas 2019: Fun in the Sun. We have invaded the whole Bayanihan Center from June 8-9, 2019 and have set activities and the overall feel of the event would take you to the beach even though we’re in the middle of the metro!


There will be a mix of fursuit fun, on-site events, seminars and lessons happening all throughout the two days.

Most of the main activities will happen at the Campos Hall while we are also hosting social activities and workshops on conference room C. Meanwhile games on the event itself will be hosted over at conference room B.

And a staple for each Furrypinas convention, is the Talk and Panels that we have set to not just help our Furry Community, but also provide a safe avenue to introduce your friends to the fandom with talks centering on Getting Started on the Fandom (day one) with Danielle Frivola G. Frivaldo. Other talks and panels are scheduled to happen too from day 1 and this is happening at conference room D.

For more schedules, please go to or check out the timetable below.

Other Activity Areas

Furrypinas 2019: Fun in the Sun will also host various activity areas such as the Board Game Lounge with Game Detective where you can test out or play with others with the various board games that will be showcased in the event. There will also be a Video Game Lounge with iAcademy where you can see Furry games in action.

There will also be a Fursuit and Cosplay lounge, and a Creative Lounge that’s partnered with Dong-A, Faber-Castel, and Deli. And of course, what would a convention be without food right? So we also have a dedicated Food Lounge on site.

There will also be competitions on the event such as the Furry Art Battle in partnership with iAcademy.

Furrypinas will also launch the Fursuit Intro, a fursuit “fashion show” that will have furries showcase their fursuits on the event itself.

You can register at this link.

What is Furrypinas 2019

Furrypinas is the largest furry convention in Asia serving as the official annual hub for the furry hobby, community, and culture in the Philippines.

Furrypinas’ aims to be the home or place for the furry hobby, culture, and community to show their identity locally, making it accessible and relatable to anyone – be it in the form of fursuiting, arts, cosplaying, music, games, toys, anime, movies, shows, literature, and anything people can imagine of!

Tickets and Availability

You can order tickets to Furrypinas 2019 through the Furrypinas website which is located here.

       Slip & Slide Package - 180 php
       Comes with: 1 day event access
       Pool Party Package - 300 php
       Comes with: 2 days event access
       Water Park Package - 995 php
       Comes with: 2 day event access, and Meet and Greet

Online ordered tickets can be paid through 7-Eleven, Cebuana, M Lhuillier, and BDO. Walk-in ticket purchasing is also still available.

Free Ebook download: Keep Your Employees Engaged!: Low Cost & No Cost Ways

We are happy to share that Ms. Teresa Dumadag's latest book, Keep Your Employees Engaged!: Low Cost & No Cost Ways is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from Amazon. 

You may download your FREE copy via this link:

The book aims to help SMEs and HR professionals to keep their employees loyal and happy and to keep them motivated while working with them through low cost and no-cost ways

Aside from helping reduce the attrition rate in your company, this book will also help you:
·  make your employees happy while working with you
·  make your employees motivated and energized to do well in their job
·  save on recruitment costs (Do you know that it's more costly to recruit and hire new employees than to keep them?)
·  promote a more positive company culture
·  establish better working relationships in your company
·  promote work-life balance in your company
·  have more loyal employees 
·  create affordable and easy to implement employee programs

Feel free to share this with others whom you think might benefit from this book. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Shopee debuts television commercial with Sarah Geronimo for Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale

MANILA, 31 MAY, 2019 - Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, launches its first-ever television commercial with Sarah Geronimo on June 1. On May 30, Shopee announced that Sarah Geronimo is their new ambassador just in time for the Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale. 

Sarah first performed the “Shopee Spaghetti” commercial in front of thousands during the launch event of her cosmetics brand, POP Studio, on Shopee. The television commercial which put a creative twist on the classic novelty song “The Spaghetti Song” by the Sexbomb Girls, garnered a good reception from Filipino viewers across the country.

Shopee’s previous television commercials have been recognized by several organizations for its innovation and influence. This includes the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day television commercial, which was crowned the number 1 March 25. In addition, the Shopee-pi-pi song was also named the People’s Choice YouTube ad in the Philippines at the Youtube Ads Leaderboards by Google last for the Last Song Syndrome (LSS) Award by the same organization.

Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing, Shopee Philippines, said, “Coming from the viral Shopee-pi-pi television commercial, the Shopee Spaghetti commercial is another song with a catchy tune and a fun dance that will surely entertain our Filipino audience. We look forward to sharing more creative content with our consumers in the upcoming months.”

The Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale from June 3 to July 7 offers consumers five weeks of unbeatable deals including free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend on selected brands or categories daily. There will be one million Lowest Price Deals, daily 100% cashback vouchers, and ₱1 Deals up for grabs. Additionally, consumers can look forward to special deals up to 90% off from top local and international brands including P&G Hair, Huawei, Colourette, Colgate, Silverworks, Maybelline, Unilever Personal Care, Watsons, and Olay. Leading industry players such as BDO, Cebu Pacific, and iWant are also participating to offer Shopee users exclusive promotions.

For more information on the Shopee 6.6 - 7.7 Lowest Price Sale, please

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.
Visit for more information.