Monday, April 10, 2017

Try this Clothing Subscription Box

Have you heard of makeup subscription boxes? Why not try a different subscription box?

Stylegenieph is a styling and clothing subscription box.

Take the quiz and be surprised what clothes Stylegenie picked for you. The quiz is just easy and fun to answer so stylegenie would have a glimpse of your fashion taste.

I'm wearing the gray pants from Stylegenie. It is the new trendy pants nowadays. I wear more of fit jeans and leggings but I appreciate this one because it looks good on me.

You can also try this pants with a spaghetti on top or fit tshirt or blouse. Its length or the hemline is below my knees. You can wear it as a high waist pants.

I let my friend wear this black long blouse from Stylegenie. The top is loose and the sleeves is upto the elbows. Even the sleeves are loose. You can also wear this blouse with light colored maong shorts.

Use code stylegeniexds upon checkout to get 10% discount. Boxes prices start at P899. If you want to have clothes and makeup from Saladbox then try Surprise salad P1399.

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April Giveaway

I am giving away one free facial treatment from Aqua Mineral. I will use rafflecopter to pick the winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner should respond within 24 hours or else I will choose another winner. After receiving the treatment, the winner should give feedback or rate the facial treament done by Aqua Mineral.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Planning to Get Pregnant In Your Thirties?

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If you are in your 30's, you might be starting to wonder about your fertility time frame, and how much “time” you have left when it comes to trying to conceive. When it comes to fertility, a woman's thirties are pretty much the middle of the road when it comes to fertility. Your fertility isn't as high as it was in your twenties, but there is still plenty of time to have a baby. Women have a very high chance of conceiving in their early 30's, but once they are nearing their 40's, fertility begins to decrease.

Moms in their 30's are usually much more prepared to have a baby than when they were in their twenties. Moms are usually more financially stable and have more job security later on. Unfortunately once a woman hits around the age of 35, there is a huge drop in fertility. In your early 30's, your chances of getting pregnant are very close to the same level as your late 20's. However, once a woman gets to her mid thirties, fertility declines and there are also many more chances for health problems and pregnancy complications. Truth be told, early thirties are much less complicated for getting pregnant than late 30's. If you are interested in getting pregnant in your thirties, go ahead and talk to your doctor and see if he or she has any advice for you. 

Infertility and Age

Age-related infertility is becoming more common as more women delay childbearing. Approximately 20% of American women wait until after age 35 to begin their families.

A female is born with an estimated 1 million eggs in her ovaries. By the time she reaches puberty she will have about 300,000 eggs left. Of these, only about 300 eggs will be ovulated during her reproductive years, and the rest will undergo a degenerative process known as atresia.

Despite the advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART), a woman’s age still affects the success rate in getting pregnant. A healthy 30-year-old woman has about a 20% chance each month of getting pregnant, while a healthy 40-year-old has about a 5% chance each month (in many cases, even when using ART). 

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review: Loreal La Palette Eyeshadow

I purchased this eyeshadow palette from an online shop. I was looking for an eyeshadow palette that contains brown shades that are matte. Although not all are matte but I am happy that there are shades that contain shimmer. There are no fallouts. Only 5 colors are in matte. A primer is recommended to placed on the eyelid before applying this product. I was also after the black matte eyeshadow found at the furthest right.

I believe the first brown matte shade is the transition eyeshadow. P800 is not bad because it has 10 shades already. P800 divided by ten so it is like P80 per shade.

I read the reviews on the online shop. Buyers stated that the Nude Rose palette is more pigmented and that this Beige palette is very neutral. I would say this palette can be used for everyday wear but the black shade is helpful when you need a night time look. Anyway I was not looking for pink shades during that time. The Nude Rose palette is more of the pink or violet shades.

Below is my video of applying Loreal La Palette Beige eyeshadow.

Rating: (5 as highest)
Pigmented 4/5
Handy 5/5
Shades 5/5
Affordability 5/5
No fallout 5/5
Overall 4/5


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