My site is PR friendly. I blog about product reviews, events, and promote businesses.
As of the moment I have 1000+ followers in each social media account.

I accept paid posting of press release, campaign, advocacy, product promotion, event promotion, etc.

I accept reviewing products in exchange of products or services from the company especially from startup companies. I accept giveaway hosting.

I make a blog post, make a video and post in in my facebook, youtube and instagram. I also post the picture on my social media accounts.

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Links of some of  events or product reviews in 2019 in collab with companies:

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Product reviews videos


Pop Studio cosmetics launch playlist

Diana Stalder derma clinic feature

Me as a gown model

Makeup tutorials:

Evening makeup look

Links of  some events or product reviews in 2018:


Product reviews:

Paid posting:


Most posts in my blog are product reviews. As of the moment I review products that I use. It's good to start with the ones that I have so I can share to my viewers the effect of the products to me. In a way, also help my readers evaluate whether they will purchase the products or not.

I describe the packaging, ingredients or contents, how helpful or useful the ingredients are. At the end of the review I usually rate the product from 1 to 5 as 5 being the highest. I list criteria like packaging, long lasting effect, smell, color, user friendly, durability, etc depending which type of product I am reviewing. The submission of product review might a longer time depending on the kind of product i.e. scar lightener, creams, lotions etc.

I also do Vlogs of events I attended and product reviews depending on the arrangement with the company.

I post my reviews and events attended in all my social media accounts and youtube.

I started as a youtuber in 2007 making song covers. I started this blog in 2015.

Giveaways hosted before:

My Youtube has 181 followers as of the moment

For stats please see Contact page

Profile : UP graduate. Has a PRC License, Maquillage Professionnel
Makeup School short course


You can also donate to this blog, 

BDO: 5110-2263-83
BPI - 0919-409-614

Donations will be used for domain purchase, camera, laptop, vlogging equipment, etc.

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Travel / Business Feature

Life place center in Alfonso Cavite


Bless Las Paellas Grand Opening

Wonut Grand Opening

Equinox Fashion Show

Minute Burger product launching


Makeup Workshop I conducted

Makeup Tutorial

Eyeshadow Tutorial

Pictorial for Stylegenie


Product Reviews

Nicole Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches

Other Sites: Youtube | Soundcloud

Past experiences:

Makeup workshops sponsor


Affiliate Marketer

Social Media Manager
Voice over
Video maker

Events Promoter,

Event Coordinator
Fund Raiser/Sponsorship for Events

Retreats, Youth Camps Organizer

Musical Production Manager

Band back up vocals/vocals
Musician/singer mentor
Inspirational Speaker


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