As a Kpop & Kdrama Fan

Army, ExoL, Starlight, Inspirit, ELF, Ikonics

Me singing Solar Eclipse Korean short cover  (OST Flower Crew)

Me singing Scar Korean short cover  (OST Tale of Nokdu)

Me singing Scar Korean short cover piano version (OST Tale of Nokdu)

Me singing Orbit English & Korean short cover (The King Eternal Monarch OST)

Me singing Kdrama Moon Lovers OSTs

Super Show 7

Vixx (Eau de Vixx) comeback talk

Super Junior Lo Siento comeback talk

BTS American Music Awards reaction video

Blacksuit Super Junior My Theory

Super Junior Blacksuit Mcountdown Performance reaction video

One Korea Global Peace Concert

My Vlog

You are my everything- sung by Choa

I gave Taemin photocards and stickers

I also gave BAP stickers.

Attended MBC Showchampion in Manila Sept 3, 2016. Gave 300+ photocards, stickers to armys and starlights.

My giveaways

Some of the recipients

Things I received

Event pictures

Bangtan boys

After the event

A look at Team Labas

Fandom Fest 2016

Gave stickers to army and starlight.

Armys who received stickers

Event pictures

Timothy- 6 year old fanboy of Sehun. Dance Exo songs. Such a cutie.

Vixx Hongbin 2016 birthday Celeb

Freebies I gave

My Favorite K variety shows: Weekly Idol,  Happy Together, Dangerous Outside the Blanket, Return of Superman,  Strong heart, Celebrity Bromance, We Got Married, Running Man, Radio Star, 360 Show

Youtube: BangtanTV, VixxTV, Infinite Showtime, Infinite Sesame Player



Last year (Jan 2016) watched Moorim School

my blog review about this kdrama

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