Tuesday, February 28, 2017

InTechRated 2017: A Forum on Technopreneurship

YouthHack CALABARZON, a nonprofit and student-run organization that promotes startups and entrepreneurship and aims to establish a network of student innovators in the region, in partnership with Junior Philippine Insitute of Accountants (JPIA) – Letran, Calamba is proud to present InTechRated 2017: A Forum on Technopreneurship.
The event aims to equip the youth in starting their own business and in understanding the process, challenges, risks and rewards of a startup business.
Talk 1: New Venture Creation Introducing Your Product and Managing Growth
Talk 2: Technology, Innovation and Design in the Philippine Startup Scene
Talk 3: Venture Capital Financing 101
Join for a day of informative and inspiring talks from the movers and shakers of the Philippine technology industry on March 4, 2017 in Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, Calamba City, Laguna from 12 nn – 6 pm. Registration fee is P150 per person
The event aims to equip the youth in starting their own business and in understanding the process, challenges, risks and rewards of a startup business.
You may email me at demuresweetieblog@gmail.com. If you register through me you will have P50 discount. I will accept payment until March 2, 2017.

Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila

2017 One K Global Peace Concert in Manila as part of the One K Concert Global Tour, will showcase popular K-pop artists in a display of global commitment to the peaceful reunification of the Korean people and global peace.

About the One K Global Campaign

In 2015, the One K Global Campaign was launched as a part of a popular movement for Korean Unification and to contribute to a larger effort to advance regional peace and global security.
Action for Korea United's "A New Era Unification Song Campaign" spread a yearning for Korean reunification and strong desire for "One Korea." The Campaign kicked off with highly publicized events in the USA, Japan and a One K K-Pop concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in South Korea, reaching millions of people across the globe.
The theme song, "One Dream One Korea," gained millions of views on the internet from worldwide K-pop fans across more than 220 countries. 
Now AKU aims to further expand this message by embarking on a global-scale campaign with another song like the landmark recording "We are the World," the 1985 recording by leading USA artists. The song of hope for Korean reunification and world peace will reverberate in every corner of the world.

One K Launch Fast Facts:

  •  1,000 NGOs took part in the launch
  •  40,000 participants at One K concert
  •  30+ K-Pop Stars performed at Seoul World Cup Stadium
  •  1,500 attendees at US-based One K events in 2015

 •  4,000 media hits
  •  13 million new impressions
  •  Engaged over 150,000 new people 
  •  Story picked up by 400 news outlets
  •  Music and messaging reached over 200 countries
  •  Seoul Broadcasting Station (SBS), produced and broadcast the One K concert and a one-hour documentary program on the campaign. 

Source: Global Peace Org

50% Off For All Women at Marriott Cafe Buffet!

You heard it right! Marriott Hotel Manila joins the International Women’s Day celebration on March 8, 2017 by treating all women to a 50% off on their buffet. This discount applies on both lunch (12nn to 2:30pm) and dinner (6pm to 10:30pm) buffet at Marriott Café.

A very special day made for women should overflow with everything they love. Marriott Café has an array of international cuisines and create-your-own stations perfect for empowered ladies. Ladies can indulge on sustainable seafoods cooked hundred ways for the sultry ones; certified angus beef on the carving station for the lady bosses; organic and crisp greens are for the health junkie; authentic Asian delights from China and Japan for the free-spirited; delectable confections for the daring and adventurous. Other delightful surprises are Halal-certified food, Filipino dishes that taste like home, stir-fried goodness, and grilled meats. So dear ladies, these are all yours to enjoy at only Php 975 for lunch and Php 1,050 for dinner.

After a filling dinner, the Greatroom extends 50% off on their sophisticated cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Mojito, Daiquiri, Apple Martini and Mimosa. It’s “Girls Night Out” from 6pm to 1am at the lobby lounge. It is an amazing gift to equally amazing women in your lives. So to the men, make reservations now to show your appreciation and affection. Or to the ladies, set this day to reunite with you fab girlfriends.  Womanhood is a marvelous hat to wear and is worthy of a indulgent celebration at Marriott Manila, where every woman is made to be a queen.

For more information, please call 988 9999 or visit www.manilamarriott.com. To join ongoing conversations, like Facebook.com/MarriottHotelManila, follow @marriottmanila on Twitter and @manilamarriott on Instagram.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Color Manila Challenge Run

COLOR MANILA, currently the most aggressive ‘concept fun-run’ organizer in the country today, is setting its sights on its next  big event at Clark, Pampanga on March 19, 2017.  The last event of COLOR MANILA at Clark, Pampanga saw a sold-out event with 6,000 participants.  The upcoming CM Challenge Run, which will be held at the Clark Parade Grounds, will have the runners this time go through obstacles, color stations and mazes.

Justine Cordero, VP for COLOR MANILA says, “We would like to invite runners and non-runners alike to join this exciting event, the CM Challenge Run.  We have customised a unique race route just for this run, with obstacles and challenges to make it more exciting, apart from being very colorful.  Of course, participants can also look forward to the after-party; we have invited DJ Franco Zarate to spin for us.”

Cordero continues, “We are targeting thousands of participants again for this fun-run.  We are also developing Clark as one of our bigger event sites outside of Manila.  Our recent event in Manila, which celebrated our 5th anniversary, saw 12,000 participants and we would like to eventually have a fun-run as big as this at Clark, Pampanga.”

“The last time we were at Clark, we saw participants from nearby provinces such as La Union, Baguio, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and Tarlac.  We  also had some foreigners from other Asian countries and the United States who flew in just for that run.  We would like to consistently do this, along with our local partners, such as Clark Development Corporation, so we can help in our own way, in terms of growing the sports tourism agenda of Clark, Pampanga”, says Cordero.  

Participants can choose between the Deluxe Kit and the Trooper Kit.  The Deluxe, which is at Php 650 includes the singlet, sunglasses and color packet.  While the Trooper Kit, which is priced at Php 1,050, comes with an added drawstring bag and headwear.  Runners can also choose between the 3K, 5K or 10K routes.

Sponsors for the CM Challenge Run include Clark Freeport Philippines, Toby’s Sports, Runner, Anytime Fitness Angeles, Pascual, 100 Plus, Starbucks Coffee, SM Tickets and Runnr.  Registration is still ongoing at www.colormanilarun.com

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Light Network goes Digital!

Light Network channel 33 is achieving greater innovation as it begins its official broadcast on Digital Television this coming March 2017! Through this exciting breakthrough, viewers in Mega Manila will soon be able to experience a clearer and highly-improved video and sound quality of Light Network in their televisions. Once official broadcast begins, people can now watch Light Network anytime and anywhere because not only will the channel be available on digital boxes and digital-ready televisions, but it could also be accessed through handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones and other gadgets.

The “digitalization” is the process of converting our current Analog Television broadcasting into Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), which simply means that our existing television technology will be transformed into an upgraded, higher quality of broadcast system. Through this digital improvement, Light Network will soon be available on multiple digital viewing platforms—broadening its horizon among the television programming sphere.

In an interview with Engr. Antonio Soriano, the Vice President of Technical Operations for Light Network, he said that he is excited for the upcoming Digitalization of Light Network, because the channel had long since been prepared for this huge digital switchover. “Tayo ang unang nag-convert from Analog to Digital transmitter. Wala nang test -broadcast. Official broadcast na agad.” He also said that not all channels are ready to make the digital “switch”, making Light Network the first channel in the  Philippines to migrate to the exciting domain of Digital TV, while maintaining its frequency on Channel 33.

According to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), once the innovative technology of Digitalization is fully implemented, it would not only deliver better image and sound quality to our television channels, but it would also be able to provide features such as datacasting, multi-channel platform, One Seg, and most importantly, the Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS), which is used to transmit nationwide warning announcements in times of earthquakes, tsunamis, or other high-alert disasters.

Engr. Antonio Soriano further stated that these features are just few of the many benefits of Digital TV. According to him, through the other upcoming advancements in Digitalization, television will finally regain its essential standing in the lives of people, as compared to the rising media usage for mobile devices. “Yes. Maibabalik ang TV bilang prime Media tool,” he concluded.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Equinox Designers Week Press Conference

I got invited in the Press Conference of Equinox Fashion Week. I am fascinated by the collection of Filipino designers and their creativity.

What I like with this fashion show is models are not strictly type zero or type one. The organizers promote the creativity of designers and not the bodies of the models.  They also promote how Filipinos are talented regardless of how many trainings attended or even no training at all. Some designers are first timers. The organizers will not dictate the designers on what to specifically create. Men models will also be involved in the fashion and not only women. Designers from provinces like Batangas, Laguna and Quezon will show their collection.

The word is derived from Latin: 'equi,' which comes from aequus, meaning equal, and nox-', meaning night. Equinoxes occur twice a year, usually on March and September.
With Equinox Winter X Summer collection 2016/17, the longest night this March 22nd will be turned in a more positive and in a very sophisticated way by having a designer’s week.
  • A weeklong festival of fashion and elegance.

Twenty (20) designers will be creating pieces associating with the show’s 5 sky related phases: noon, sunset, midnight, dusk, and dawn with a theme of Winter / Summer season collection. With a colour palette of Gold and White as a guide. White as a winter snow and golden as a summer sun. 

Official Designers
  • Adam Balasa
  • Angelo Dominic
  • Alvin Nogot
  • Cliff D Torres
  • Edel Cabizares-Santiago Atelier
  • Edmir Dequiña Lagui
  • Frederick Berches
  • Israel Palma
  • James Paul
  • Jolex Handog Remos
  • Mae Claire Esparraguerra Dogillo
  • Marc co
  • Miel Velayne
  • Nino Crisanto Ramirez
  • Paolo Blanco
  • Ranel Espaldon
  • Relj Lee Leal
  • Roberth Azaph Gallardo III
  • Russ Cuevas
  • Vince Sityar
  • Yna Mendez
The Fashion show is 
Brought to you by
Belle Beau Talent Agency

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Poor Treatment to Media Bloggers at a mall show

I support artists who are talented but have very limited resources for promotions. However I also believe that handlers and organizers should treat media people properly.

End of January, a member of Hanry Events asked for my help as kpop group AxisB will have a Philippine tour. These are my 'friends' from a fandom.  The Philippine manager, a member of UP Otakufest, asked me to search for guesting, sponsorship and also gather at least 10 bloggers for the presscon of AxisB February 16, 2017 4-5pm and sent an email containing the press release article.

She said media bloggers will be considered as media partners, will be included in PR materials and will be provided with light snacks. I sent the artist's profile to bloggers and stated that I am not compensated for this project and had the same 'privileges' like other bloggers. I understand if they would decline due to no token (cash/gift cert). I was able to get 7 bloggers.

Days before the event I called the organizers to edit the press release article and include detailed schedules per city. They agreed to do so but no revision was made. I researched their schedule over the internet but didn't make changes as the Philippine manager said the original press release should be posted.

The press release article was posted by the bloggers before the event.

Presscon canceled

Three days before the event I called Hellokpop's contributor to ask if they know further details of the press conference. She said the mall did not allow a press conference before the actual mall show and fan meeting which will start at 5pm. Media will ask questions after the first performance of the show. The Philippine manager did not even inform me of this but hellokpop was informed a week before. I sent a message to the Philippine manager asking if there are changes. The organizers should inform me of the changes.

Poor Treatment to Media Bloggers


I was surprised to see that the light snacks were only 1 mamon and 1 bottle of water. Two bloggers were not given snacks. One of the bloggers was seated far from me and informed me after the event while the other one was seating next to me. I told the Philippine manager twice or thrice during the event. I was given another bottle of water before entering the conference room but I gave it to one of the bloggers and I also gave my mamon to one of the bloggers.


I sent the list of bloggers to the organizers days before the event.

One comment from the bloggers is attendees should register by filling out a notebook. It is not even computerized. She feels quite offended because the people in the registration are keeps on asking "Ano yun?" (What's that?) after she introduced herself as a media blogger. Hopefully the word "ano yun" doesn't mean "sino ka ba?" (Who are you?)

Program Flow

Before the event started organizers listed 2-3 questions bloggers one to ask. After the first performance the host asked questions to the group. These questions are not from bloggers. Another song was performed. The host asked questions again and this time these questions are from the bloggers. I wonder why bloggers were not given the chance to ask AxisB.

Cross Deal not Fulfilled

Media bloggers were not mentioned during the event. After the event I sent messages to the organizers to mention us as media partners to future shows but no response.

No PR kit

I have been asking for PR kit to be given during the show but whenever I ask that no response. I do understand that a rookie group needs more income for further promotions but how can media partners promote something we do not know.

No selfie with AxisB

Many songs were peformed. The organizers told me there will be photo opt at the backstage before the fan meeting. The media waited but to our surprise Axis went on the stage for the fan meeting.

The media had a group picture with AxisB before the fan meeting started.

The organizers told me there is a media after the event. I asked the blogger if they are willing to stay longer but can leave if they want to. Media stayed for hours before they were able to meet AxisB inside the conference room of Robinsons Forum.

Fans were able to do handshake with AxisB but media had no chance. We are media partners and promoters of the artist. We are not strangers or gate crashes.

I apologized to the bloggers as we make our way out and explained that this is my first time to work with the organizers.

As the media time is about to end I asked the media bloggers to line up for the selfie with the group. AxisB was posing with me already but the Philippine manager cut it out.

Media bloggers were not allowed to take selfie with the group during media time. Agencies should allow their new artists to have selfie with media if they want their artists to be promoted well. Creating barriers will make the artists look unapproachable.

I received an email from the contributor of a website (Hellokpop) yesterday questioning why their website should come with bloggers.

Bloggers observed proper decorum and allowed the correspondent to finish interview without interruptions. Total silence cannot be achieved in a very small room. Bloggers shouldn't be blamed because the correspondents was given a chance to take video and interview the artist.

Media bloggers were not informed by the organizers of the requested for exclusive interview. There is no contract to prove that arrangement. Bloggers were allowed by the organizers enter the conference room.

Bloggers have attended many press conferences and interviewed many artists in the past.

Any blogger who discriminates other bloggers is just insulting himself/herself.

Other websites inside the conference room should not use the videos taken by Philippine bloggers. Questions asked by Philippine bloggers and answers from AxisB should not be written by other media partners.

I got informed that way back 2013 there was an event in Manila by Otakufest, Media were not given food and token and the event lasted until night time. UP Otakufest is from Cebu. I graduated from year 2011 but from another UP unit. Otakufest please practice Honor and Excellence.

I am writing so that you can improve. I will not write this if the treatment is good. You cannot expect bloggers not to react because we are also humans.

Handlers should invest in promotions if they want their artist to gain fame.

I am disappointed that I was not even introduced to AxisB by my 'friends'. I even brought a rechargeable fan for the artists because a member of Hanry Events posted they need one. I did out of sincerity and not for exchange of picture or proper treatment.

Please take note that this post event write up is also a compilation of the review and complaints of the bloggers who attended the event. As the one who made the bloggers to sign up in the event I need to write this. Feel free to contact the other bloggers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

TECHTonic: Manila Convention

Introducing new technologies in business, society or academe can be complicated especially if there are resistance from its users.  According to the book of Calestous Juma, (Professor of the Practice of International Development; Director, Science, Technology, and Globalization Project; Principal Investigator, Agricultural Innovation in Africa) Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies shows that there are many debates over new technologies that are framed in the context of risks to moral  values, human health, and environmental  safety. It also discussed how technological tensions are often heightened by perceptions that the benefits of new technologies will accrue only to small sections of society while the risks will be more widely distributed. It also reiterates the tension between the need for innovation and the pressure to maintain continuity, social order, and stability as one of today's biggest policy challenges.

That is why before deciding to adopt new innovations, there should be an identification of problems and how it will affect the business, society or the academe in the long run. There should also have a clear presentation of the issues that will address the need for the new technology and why its users should accept it.

Here are the 4 things to do before introducing the new technology:
  1. Investigate – before adopting new technology into your system, you must identify the issue, find possible solutions and investigate how it will gain acceptance from its users.
  2. Plan – the process of technological change should have a planning part to gain acceptance for the details.
  3. Implement – this will determine if the initiative will be successful or not. New technologies require installation and setup which involve understanding of the people who will work with the new technology.
  4. Evaluate – after a successful introduction and implementation of the new technology, the organization should perform an evaluation if the innovation will motivate employees and will improve the company performance.
Discover the breakthroughs that are significant to foster more sustainable mobility and enhanced life on July 29 and 30, 2017, at the TECHtonic: Manila Convention 2017 (Culture for the Future).
Learn from the expert about the process of innovation, ways of organizations use their resources to innovate and the outcomes of innovation and how the innovation process is being stimulated by new technologies. 

 TECHTalks, Exhibits, Activities , Ideas will take place at the SMX Convention Center organized by PMCM Events Management from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening.
Don’t miss this chance to discover innovations that will successively build positive social, academic and business culture.

Reserve your Booths now!  Visit www.techtonic.ph Follow us in Instagram @techtonicph , twitter @TECHtonicPh and like our FB at TECHtonicPh 2017.

Contact PMCM Events Management, one of the leading event’s organizer in Manila at 0995 281 3320 or +632 505 3746 / +632 501 0029 or send your inquiries at info@techtonic.ph if you want to attend or exhibit@techtonic.ph to become one of the exhibitors. StartUps are welcome to join.  Pitch your ideas and be ready to be discovered by our investors locally and from abroad. 

Get to know Doc Pao Bellosillo

Becoming a doctor takes a lot of years, time, and patience as well as perseverance. This is perhaps why doctors put a lot of pride in themselves because after all, what they do is no easy feat. Saving the lives of people is something that not everyone is able to do and yet they do in their daily lives. One can even say that it comes naturally to them, as natural as it is for everyone else to breathe.

This is what Dr. Paolo Bellosillo has been doing for the better part of his life. He is devoted to make the lives of the people around him better and hopefully, longer by teaching them about integrative medicine and holistic approach to living. He believes that a healthy lifestyle is the way to go as well as an annual check up of your heart for the heart is the center of your entire being.

Doc Pao, due to his continuous study and constant research on his field has become one of the authority on nature therapy, anti aging and integrative as well as holistic medicine. What sets him apart from other doctors is his genuine heart that years to ensure that everyone knows why holistic medicine is the way to go because it is all about being natural and maximizing your body’s fullest potential. He wants people to take care of their health and body so that their body can serve them better and help them live their life to it’s fullest potential.

Doc Paolo Bellosillo believes that everyone deserves to be healthy. One of his wishes is to have a world where everyone has access to integrative medicine and knows how to apply it to their daily lives. He hopes that time will come that people will aim for a lifestyle where greens and vegetables are the main part of their diet and living a healthy lifestyle is the norm and not a fad only.

Doc Pao has helped so many stroke patients in the past to lengthen their life by applying his knowledge and studies. He teaches them how to change their diet, sleeping habits, exercise, and most of all, mindset to explore their full growth and potential as persons. This is what Doc Pao wants to leave as a legacy to the world and we think that’s a beautiful thing. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Korean Pop Group AxisB LIVE on February 2017

AxB Entertainment, in partnership with UP Otakufest, HanRy Events & Productions, Hallyu Wave Music Productions, and Dakbayan sa KPop, is proud to present AxisB's First Philippine Promotional Tour from February 14 to March 5, 2017 in five (5) Philippine cities – Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo and Davao.

Filipino K-Pop fans will surely be in for an unforgettable Valentine’s date with K-Pop stars as AxisB takes center stage through various mall shows and fan meetings throughout the Philippines!

AxisB is a five-member Korean pop boy group under AxB Entertainment. The group debuted in South Korea on September 28, 2016 with their first digital single Curious and has consecutively staged two promotional tours in Japan after debut. Prior to their debut, they have already garnered the attention of international fans as they shared the stage with senior KPop groups VIXX and INFINITE at the Baidu Nuomi Music Festival in Nanjing, China in July 2016.

As AxisB desires to reach a wider audience, connect with more Filipino KPop fans and make memorable moments with them, AxB Entertainment has decided to stage their first promotional tour in various key cities in the Philippines. Fans should not miss this chance to experience AxisB's refreshing and unique music style, and get up close and personal with members Junghoon, Daeyoung, Doah, Juno and Honey. Attendees will have the privilege to watch them perform their hit songs from their second single album Be My Love for the first time in the Philippines.

AxisB's schedules in the five cities are as follows: February 14-17 (Manila), February 18-19 (Cebu), February 24-25 (Bacolod), February 26 (Iloilo) and March 3-4 (Davao)For more information on AxisB's mall shows and fan meetings, visit the AxisB Official Facebook page at facebook.com/AxisB.official or e-mail axisbofficial.ph@gmail.com.

The AxisB First Philippine Promotional Tour is made possible through the generous support of event partners Oomph! Radio 105.1 Cebu, Oomph Radio 97.1 Davao, K-Pub BBQ, Robinsons Land Corporation, migme, HelloKpop, Demure Sweetie, Astig.ph, Wazzup Pilipinas, The Kitchen Mom by Dhess, Prelel Dares to Dream, This Girl Does It All, Karen Ezine, and Chasing Curious Alice.

For sponsorships you may email me at demuresweetieblog@gmail.com. Sponsors will have publicity opportunity in their mall shows in Manila.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#2017TravelBucketlist: Things to Consider While Planning Your Next Trip by TRAVELPROS


Travel has become one of the well-planned activity that usually requires attention and preparation. From airfare, hotel accommodation, itinerary, travel documentation and insurances. This is one hell of hard work to do but through an organized plan, your journey will never be as chaotic and squabble all along. 

And speaking of organized travel management, Take Off Philippines just partnered with Travelpros, One of the Best Travel Agencies in the Country, a pillar in Local and International Tour Package Services since 1993. Member of PTAA and IATA. The pioneers in mall-based ticketing operations to help you out in all your travel concerns.

Today, we’ve listed things you should consider while planning your next big trip with your family, friends or that special someone of yours.
1.)    Do Background Check on your Destination

The best thing to utilize your staycation is to look for a review or a research by simply listing down the following: Where to stay, where to roam around the vicinity and where to eat around the metro. It is pretty good to know this simple questions so that you won’t waste your time looking and searching for places. I encourage you to read a blog review and DIY Itineraries. It will help you a lot in providing travel tips and information on your destination.

Need an itinerary for your next trip? Just click the link here for more details.

2.) Ensure your Safety

We Filipinos love discounts and promos obviously, that’s how thrift shop have been known for. In flights, we are very fan of Piso Fare that some airlines do offer. Through their good and convincing marketing strategy of “Php 1” airfare, a lot of customers are entice to book on their site. Thus, always remember that Piso Fare includes taxes and surcharges for estimates. Insurances are usually removed by the airline that makes it seem cheaper by the price. Nonetheless, we should take in consideration to add up travel insurance every flight for your own good.

Safeguard yourself! Get a Travel Insurance today. Just click the link here for more details.

3.) Always remember to bring necessary Travel Documents

Travel is not just about fun and relaxation. It also teaches us how to be systematized. During every flight, your travel documents and forms should be there always in your safe keep. This would assure you for any possibilities if the immigration or airport security would ask for it. Some common travel documents are the DFA-issued passport, unexpired visa, return ticket, Affidavit of Support with Undertaking, DSWD-issued Travel Clearance and more.

Want a Hassle-Free Processing of your Travel Documents? Just click the link here for more details.

4.) Check out the List of Holidays and Long Weekends

Before filing for a Leave make sure to check out the list of Holidays and Long weekends this 2017 so to make sure that you will have an enjoyable and hassle-free Vacation.

5.) Go Attend Travel Fairs for more Discounts and Tour Packages

Every year travel community gathered together to launched a travel tour expo wherein you can get exclusive travel deals for Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Davao, and more. You can grab some best airline seat sales, discounted hotel accommodations, and all-in tour packages.

The Biggest Travel Expo in the Country happens this Friday! Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) organized the 3-Day travel event, 24th Travel Tour Expo 2017. It showcases an array of Best Travel Deals and Tour Packages to be held on February 10 - 12, 2017 at SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

Visit TRAVELPROS Booth #23A/23B, 24, 25 this week at the PTAA 24th Travel Tour Expo 2017. Their Friendly and Accommodating Staff will be happy to assist you. :-)

Like their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/travelprosph
Follow them on Twitter: @tpiph
Check out their Official Site: http://travelpros.ph/

After checking out this list above you can start your own #2017TravelBucketlist, write down all the activities you want to try on your chosen destination this year.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Inglot Eyeshadow and Lipstick Review

These are Glamourbox prizes I got. For this post I will be reviewing 2 eyeshadows and 1 lipstick.  Each eyeshadow pot contains 2.5g. For the lipstick pot it contains 1.8g of product.

This box is composed of lipsticks, blush on, eyeshadow, notebook and nail polish. I will be posting other looks using the products in this box in the future in my Instagram or Facebook.

Eyeshadow 441

I love this violet eyeshadow because even without a primer it is pigmented. I only used BB cream and placed the product on my eyelid. It is shimmery but the shimmer is very small. There are no fall outs. Even if you don't use a primer the color will still show.

Eyeshadow 609

This eyeshadow is reddish brown. It is shimmery. Compared with the violet this one has larger shimmer. There are no fall outs. 

I only applied BB cream on my eyelid then placed the product. The violet one is more pigmented. Using a primer is recommended.

Lipstick 01

This Lipstick has an amazing scent. It is sweet and fragrant but the smell is not too strong. It has a fruity scent. It is not super glossy and has medium coverage. It is red orange. My lips felt hydrated when I applied it.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Win Prizes with Ariel

Check out this fun contest by Ariel. Just answer the quizzes to get points.
Grand Prize: ₱100,000 Cash- 1 Winner
Sharp Washing Machine (Worth ₱12,299)
Sharp's ES-W850 - 5 Winners
P&G Premium Basket (Worth ₱1,000)- 1250 Points needed
P&G Basket (Worth ₱500) - 950 Points needed
Sodexo Premium Pass (Worth ₱200)- 650 points needed

There is a bonus 20 points when you sign up.