Thursday, September 24, 2020

Why Igorots in Metro Manila directly source goods from farmers

Two pesos a kilo for cabbage. Four pesos for cucumber.

After spending money to bring their produce to the nearest vegetable trading post in the last week of July, Cordilleran farmers were given a cruel rate, crushing their hope of raising cash to buy seeds for the next harvest. 

A Sad Story for New-Gen Farmers

Shereen Umayat and Jessica Dapliyan, two young farmers from Sagada, had a cheaper option for their next maturing vegetables- let the plants rot in the farmland to stop having additional expenses. 

Asked how much she has spent for her cucumber, Umayat computed it to be at least P40, 000.

While there are active programs like Sustainable Sagada and Rural Rising organized to help ease the situation, not all produce in the remote Mountain Province town can be accommodated.

Dapliyan, a former innkeeper who shifted to farming following travel bans, started giving away her cabbage produce for free in September after unsuccessful attempts to sell what her family has been working since community quarantine restrictions were implemented. 

Trying the Metro Manila Market 

For generations, farmers in Sagada and other towns of the Cordilleras have been trading in marketplaces within the mountainous region and going to the lowlands is not part of their regular routine. But as they run out of options, they are forced to seek help outside the highlands.

Tapping Metro Manila-based Cordillerans or Igorots was the first move. Upon learning about the crisis, Christian Aligo, a Marketing Communications practitioner living in Quezon City, started the “The Sagada Harvests Project” on Facebook. 

With the assistance from Umayat, Menchie Buking of the Department of Agrarian Reform Mt. Province (DAR MP) and other concerned locals, The Sagada Harvests Project is able to sell out about three tons of produce in its first two runs.

Alongside Aligo are other Metro Manila-based Igorots including Luisa Gay Pugong, Jenny Lyn Likigan, Bing Podes Laguipen, and Hector Ngales who transformed themselves into vendors after their day job to help address the crisis.

Joining the force is the couple Atty. Pio and Noemie Jeanet Daoas who now spend their weekends on vegetables. With the help of dedicated riders, the couple deliver the goods within Taguig City at only P20. 

A Trade Friendlier to Farmers

As agreed, it is the farmers who set the price of their produce. Currently in marketplaces, it is the multi-level middle-men who dictate the price and get a bigger portion of it.

When the rate at the La Trinidad trading post for cabbage was P2 per kilo, The Sagada Harvests Project purchased the vegetable at P20 per kilo-- as dictated by the farmers.

To further assist the Igorot vendors, DAR’s Sagada Linksfarmers Consolidation Center opened its doors to help screen quality produce prior to shipping. 

Recently, the regional office of the Department of Agriculture (DA) also offered transportation assistance to help lower expenses.

Meanwhile, local food producers Gabay Wines and Food Preserves and Masferre Country Inn & Restaurant have been doing experiments for delicate items like wild blueberry, wheat bread, and goat cheese products to check on the shelf-life of the products when offered in places with a warmer climate.

To know more about The Sagada Harvest Project and a list of Igorot vendors who directly source their goods from farmers, contact Aligo at 0956-174-8464 (Globe) or visit now.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Vans Partners with Trailblazing Hip Hop Artists J.I.D and Bohan Phoenix to Launch Vans Musicians Wanted Competition Worldwide


Vans Global Music Competition is Now Open to Artists of All Genres with Valuable Prizes including Vans Product, Fender Gear, Spotify and Apple Playlisting, MV Produced by Universal Music Group (APAC exclusive) and a Chance to Share The Stage with Celebrated Musician Anderson .Paak!

Submit Original Music Now at

APAC Submission Open: Sep 2nd to Sep 30th

Americas and EMEA Submissions Open: Sept 28th to Oct 11th

Vans, the original action sports brand and global advocate for creative expression announces the worldwide expansion of the brand’s celebrated music platform, Vans Musicians Wanted. Originally launched in Vans’ Asia-Pacific region in 2015, the Vans Musicians Wanted competition is a global music platform that provides undiscovered musicians a chance for their original music to be heard by a global audience. This year’s competition has evolved into a seamless digital experience, and will award one grand prize winner the opportunity to share the stage with Vans Ambassador and Grammy award winning artist Anderson .Paak.

Launching in partnership with the trailblazing talent from Vans’ final chapter of theTHIS IS OFF THE WALL’ brand campaign released today, Vans shares the compelling journey of two artists: Atlanta-based rapper, J.I.D and Chinese-born and American-raised artist, Bohan Phoenix, who express their personal identities through music. Inspired by their experiences of fusing cultural identity with raw musical prowess, Vans has partnered with J.I.D and Bohan Phoenix to serve as guest judges for the global competition. The stories of these two young artists within the hip hop industry serves as a catalyst for the next generation of musicians looking to come up from their bedrooms to main stage.

Vans’ ‘THIS IS OFF THE WALL’ campaign stories celebrate creative expression through the pursuit of artists making their own way forward in hip hop. The genre has become a distinct language of choice for young voices who continue to work to forge their own path by any means necessary.

Born and raised in East Atlanta, Destin Choice Route, better known by his stage name J.I.D, has carved out a unique space for himself through his raw talent and unwavering desire for greatness. While creativity was a constant throughout J.I.D’s life, he originally pursued professional sports, but through injuries and uncertainty, he embraced music. Driven by his magnanimous work ethic, J.I.D’s focus on writing and dense wordplay has helped to establish him as a leader in a new wave of hip hop that values craft over hype, defining a new sound that is unmatched. Hear J.I.D’s origin story and the path he has taken in order to hone his craft at

Born in Hubei, China and moved to Massachusetts, Bohan Phoenix was introduced to hip hop when his mother used popular movies and television as a tool to teach him English. One movie in particular sparked a love for music and culture that would go on to define his life moving forward. This introduction to hip hop led Bohan down a path of discovery and personal exploration that brought him to create his own music. By embracing his upbringing and dual cultural identity, he began to make music that blended two languages and cultures together to create something uniquely personal, pushing hip hop in new places. Watch Bohan Phoenix’s journey to self-discovery and how his multicultural upbringing has come to influence his identity as an artist at

To celebrate the partnership, Vans has teamed up with Bohan Phoenix to release his customized Vans shoes on .

Joining J.I.D and Bohan Phoenix as special guest judges, European based singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya, and Grammy award-winning artist, Anderson .Paak  will review the top-5 artists from each region. Top-5 artists from APAC will perform at the Vans Musicians Wanted Virtual Concert this December, they will also receive free album distribution through Spinnup, Universal Music Group’s distribution service for independent artists. One grand prize winner will be selected to receive Vans product, Fender Gear, Vans Spotify and Apple Music playlisting, music video produced by Universal Music Group and one year of free and unlimited global music distribution from Spinnup (APAC exclusive), and the opportunity to share the stage with Anderson .Paak as the opening act in 2021.

Sending Money Abroad is Now Simple, Safe and Swift with IPP International

LBC, the largest express courier, cargo and logistics, and money remittance company in the Philippines, introduces IPP International, a new addition to its extensive array of services designed to move the lives and businesses of global Filipinos amidst the pandemic.

IPP International is a new Money Remittance service from LBC that allows for simple, safe and swift sending of money from the Philippines to any international destination. Through LBC’s IPP International service, people in the Philippines who need to send money to their loved ones or businesses abroad are sure to be afforded quick and reliable satisfaction.
IPP International offers anyone in the Philippines the opportunity to remit money overseas in just 4 easy steps:
1. Head to your nearest LBC Express branch. 2. Completely fill out the Sender’s Form which will require information such as ID type, nature of work, employer or source of income, relationship to receiver, and purpose of remittance. Make sure all required fields are filled out accurately! 3. An LBC associate will then compute for your Expected Payout Amount. Please note that the Expected Payout Amount shall always be computed based on the daily exchange rate of the destination country multiplied by the Amount to Send in Pesos. 4. Pay the corresponding fee! Then make sure you send the transaction number to the recipient so they can encash the remittance.
With a growing network of over 6,400 locations, partners, and agents in over 30 countries, LBC has relentlessly enhanced their services in moving lives, businesses, and communities. LBC endeavors to deliver smiles to Filipinos all over the world and IPP International is a new LBC service designed and dedicated to fulfilling this mission.
To know more about IPP International and LBC’s other services, visit

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Orange & Lemons wax poetic on new indie pop single “You Bring Out My Best”


Orange & Lemons have proven time and again, that they’re capable of writing infinitely hummable, indie-pop classics that maintain a distinct sensibility and effortlessness amidst shifting trends.

Their new single, “You Bring Out My Best” is among their most delightful work to date: a song that finds Clem waxing poetic on the intimate moments that he once shared with a fictional ex-lover.

According to Orange & Lemons’ chief songwriter and producer, Clem Castro, the song was intended as a pitch for a commercial project, but the band decided to release it as a stand-alone single. “We just love how the song turned out,” Clem reveals in a statement. “It’s the first time we sat down together working on a concept material, with no relevant inspiration for it. Just a play with words and melodic lines.”

The production packs a punch in a way that is seamlessly understated but compelling—never overdoing the process to gain attention or impress music fans. But it’s the songwriting that remains front and center to this massive release, a distinct mold whose appeal transcends generations of any kind.

“You Bring Out My Best” was written, arranged, and demo-recorded last February 2020 at O&L’s drummer studio from 4pm to 3am. The members of the band had to maximize their time together because they live far from one another, with Clem already having an approximate idea of a verse and chorus lines for the session. After jamming with the band, they brainstormed on adding sections and parts to complete the demo. “The resulting production has that trademark O&L sound, and much, much more because of the contribution of our keyboard player, who after more than a year of being an official member has immersed himself in indie-pop stylings,” the Orange & Lemons frontman adds.

Four months after the demo was shelved, Orange & Lemons finally braved the studio to resume recording of their new single “You Bring Out My Best.”   Armed with disinfectants and face masks, the award-winning band carefully observed health and safety protocols to finish the material. Clem says, “We had to remove our shoes when tracking, and only one person is allowed at a time to record. The rest had to wait outside at the receiving area of Sonic State Audio in Mandaluyong City.”

“You Bring Out My Best” is out today, September 11, 2020 (Friday), on all digital platforms worldwide via Lilystars Records.

Watsons mini haul

I bought these from Watsons last few days. Because I don't have stock of face spf cream anymore. I also have a pimple once in a month and I heard that cleansing pad cleans the face more than just using facial wash.

I also bought Nichido false eyelashes glue and BYS eyeliner automatic pencil because I felt like doing makeup videos again as a form of self pampering to soothe the bit of sadness that I chose not to take walks at the park because I might get sick.

I am also trying this Amira arbutin soap but the saleslady said it is not a new stock but not expired because it might change packaging. I hope they don't stop producing it. It forms many bubbles and doesn't dissolve quickly. I can see the lightening effect already. I use it only on my arms and feet because they get tanned from the sun. Before I use Amira kojic & gluta soap with the violet packaging but I cant see it in malls for a long time plus it has Kojic acid which causes long term pigmentation so I decided to stop using it.

I also bought the Luxe Organics Soothing Gel snail extract with aloe vera because it has lots of good ingredients like AHA, collagen and arbutin. Do you use it also on the face or only on body? Did it cause you pimples? I plan to use it as a body moisturizer but if go outside the house I will use a lotion with SPF.

I forgot to include here the Nivea pearl facial foam with pink packaging. It is a whitening facial wash because my face got tanned from using facial cream without spf. My face has no pimples yet eversince I used it. My facial moisturizer which is Myra E has sunscreen only. I need to find a facial cream that has spf that wont cause pimples. Have you tried the belo tinted moisturizer with spf? Did you have pimples? My face isn't ok with the Nivea face cream with spf. It is too thick my pores can't breathe and the effect is instant white like paint.

My bill is almost P800.

This is not my first time buying lots of things in Watsons.  It is the nearest store that I can find and replenish my makeup and tools stock but I won't go back to being a makeup artist unless the virus is gone. 


Note: This is not a sponsored post

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Monday, September 7, 2020

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival announces official lineup of regional music acts


ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS) is set to launch its inaugural edition online, with the goal of creating a platform that elevates Southeast Asia’s music scene onto the world stage.

Founded by concert and festival promoters, conference organizers, and music community influencers from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, AMS takes on the challenge of providing networking opportunities for emerging musicians in Asia and global music industry leaders, while hurdling the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic through a virtual music gathering that celebrates the region’s finest.

On its debut year, the collaborative showcase festival presents a diverse lineup handpicked by its founding members: Singapore’s SGMUSO; Thailand’s Bangkok Music City co-founded by Fungjai Co., Ltd. and NYLON Thailand; Malaysia’s City ROARS! Festival; Indonesia’s SRM; and the Philippines’ The Rest Is Noise PH.

The lineup includes 20 artists from participating countries:

Singapore – Linying, Marian Carmel, Coming Up Roses, and J.M3

Thailand – TONTRAKUL, Valentina Ploy, STOIC, and H 3 F

Malaysia – Bayangan, Buddha Beat, Golden Mammoth, and mutesite

Indonesia – Tanayu, bangkutaman, Rangkai, and Oslo Ibrahim

Philippines – Pikoy, Cheats, Uprising Records Artists, and August Wahh

ASEAN Music Showcase Festival will be hitting the digital stage from September 19 to 20, 2020, and will be streamed live for the world to discover.

Aside from the virtual music showcase featuring artists from various music genres, AMS will be hosting a private virtual meet with some of the biggest and most promising music business professionals in the world, as well as up-and-coming and established artists in Asia.

For more details about ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, visit the official website here.

Make Homeschooling Extra Fun with Superbook


Exciting news for Superbook fans!

You can now join Chris, Joy, and Gizmo in their time-travel adventures with Superbook DVD sets! With 13 action-packed and inspiring Bible stories in each set, kids and parents can enjoy one weekly lesson together for up to 3 months.

Superbook DVD sets come with fun and informative discussion guides. Parents can guide their kids and do the activities together while recalling lessons from the episodes. Superbook coloring books and activity books are also effective companion materials that will help the whole family take to heart what they have learned from each story. This makes the series suitable for many weeks of fun and learning for the entire fam!

Now that kids are homeschooled, this is the best time for parents to guide their little ones in building their faith through the wonders of God’s Word. It’s never too early to let them know about God’s plan for their lives, and what better way to start than to teach them about the Bible in a fun way through Superbook!

Turn ordinary homeschooling days into memorable family time with Superbook!

Donate now to get your own Superbook DVD sets! Superbook Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are now available on Lazada and Shopee for your donations through PCBS!

Sanofi launches campaign to bridge gaps in Caring for Patients with chronic diseases


In its effort to build a healthier Philippines, Sanofi Philippines turned towards empowering mothers and spotlighting their critical role in managing their family’s health. The global pharmaceutical company recently launched their new campaign entitled Panatang Sanofi with the Pinay matriarchs at the heart of their advocacy.

The mother is the cornerstone of the Filipino family. She is caring and selfless when it comes to attending to her family’s health,said Amal Makhloufi Benchouk, Country Lead of Sanofi Philippines. “This is the kind of lifetime commitment we strive for in Sanofi as we build a healthier Philippines. There is no greater embodiment to our panata than our beloved mothers.”

Makhloufi was one of two speakers during the recently concluded online discussions entitled “Healthier/PH Sessions: Continuity of Care for a Healthier Philippines,” where she exchanged thoughtful dialogues and shared insights in front of an audience consisting of moms.

“As moms, we cannot afford to be sick or else who will take care of the family?” exclaimed Broadcast Journalist and the event’s moderator, Niña Corpuz. “A lot of us have to really be more proactive. It's really better to be informed and to be educated about potential health concerns so that we know that what we're doing is the best thing for our family.”

In response to the disruption that the pandemic has caused across the country’s healthcare system as well as a growing fear and apprehension towards seeking medical consultation for risk of contracting the virus, the Company has initiated programs in order to deliver better care.

The Company has reinforced its Empower Program—a program for patients with diabetes; as well as launching WeHealth, a program that aims to connect patients with doctors, at any time and place. 

“What the Empower Program ensures, especially during this pandemic, is the continuity of care for persons with diabetes,” Makhloufi explained. “They will be provided with holistic care and linked to the appropriate healthcare experts who will stay in constant touch and even do weekly check-ins with the patient.”

Speaking on the recently launched WeHealth, the Sanofi Executive explained that the program is a proofpoint for the company’s unwavering commitment and panata to ensuring that families have access to the proper care they deserve.

“WeHealth is an e-Health Ecosystem that aims to connect Filipinos with their doctors or health service providers from the safety of your own home and this can be crucial during the pandemic because you’re eliminating the risk of exposure,” Makhloufi intimated.

“Even before the pandemic, Sanofi Philippines has been aiming to bridge the gaps that many Filipino families face when it comes to accessing consultation and treatment,” the Country Lead shared. “This is where we want to play a role and it’s part of our mission to build a healthier Philippines.”

Thursday, September 3, 2020

BPI celebrates 169th anniversary with purposeful banking


The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is celebrating its 169th anniversary by revitalizing its commitment to be a lifeline for Filipinos and continuing to help build a better Philippines with purposeful phygital (physical and digital) banking.
BPI President and CEO Cezar P. Consing, who delivered his anniversary message online, highlighted the Bank’s steadfast mission to provide financial services to Filipinos amid the challenges and confusion brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The combination of our branches, bravely manned, and our digital channels have allowed millions of Filipinos and thousands of businesses to conduct essential banking transactions throughout this challenging period,” he said.
Consing emphasized how the limitations, imposed by the lockdown, have demonstrated the strength of BPI’s digital platform.
“Our 169-year history has seen us make a real, positive difference in difficult times. We are seen as leading in the market not because we’re bigger, but because we are professional, inclusive and forward looking, and have a brand that defines trust, stability and nation-building,” he said.
To kick off the Bank’s month-long celebration, Rev. Fr. Angelo Paolo Asprer of Society of St. Paul (SSP), led the virtual anniversary Mass, which was broadcast through BPI’s internal social media channel.
Other activities are lined up for BPI’s anniversary celebration this August. One of these is the “#PhygitallyYours” campaign, a weekly digital community service, to encourage employees to share social media posts about helpful and informative topics.
BPI, through its social development arm, BPI Foundation, is also set to launch its food security fundraising campaign titled “Pagsibol,” in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines). The project aims to build sustainable food sheds – or climate-resilient food production facilities – to address food security and help hundreds of families all over the country to adapt and build their resilience in the new normal.
BPI has prepared other initiatives as well such as the “#ECONversationSeries,” a series of webinars focused on purposeful phygital banking, and “Dream Bayan Podcast”, a podcast that seeks to uplift the spirits of Filipinos as they face challenges and hardships brought by the pandemic.

Dimples Romana will host Solmux event: Tips for Mommy Frontliners

BER- months na, mga mommies! At alam natin na ito rin ang panahon kung kailan usong-uso ang sakit katulad na lamang ng ubo sa ating mga kids. Nakaka-stress hindi ba? Lalong-lalo na ngayon, nakakapraning kapag makarinig lang tayo ng simpleng pag-ubo.

Kaya naman para sa ating mga #MommyFrontliners, let us altogether join the Facebook live, HEROES AT HOME: Tips for Mommy Frontliners Facing Cough in Children on September 5, 2020, Saturday at 7:00 PM kasama ang pediatric expert, Dr. Royce at celebrity mom and host, Dimples Romana!. Sabay-sabay nating alamin how to manage cough in our children at kung paano maging #MommyFrontliner kahit nasa bahay tayo.
To know more about Heroes at Home Live, like and follow Pambatang Solmux Facebook page :