Friday, February 26, 2016

Feature: Tees & Things

I passed by a store and checked out what they offer. The prices of their clothes are very affordable. There are beautiful blouses that are for P350-450 only. There are also tshirts, dresses, blouses with collar. Most of their clothes are wash and wear which is good for travelers. The designs of their clothes are also trendy and some designs cannot be found in malls. Some of their clothes are imported.

Their main products are clothes but I also found cute boots that are for P1800+. They have different sizes (6 to 9).

You can follow them in their social media accounts.

Instagram: Teesandthings
Viber: 09175006435

Paseo de Sta Rosa
Pase de Uno Calamba
Halang, Calamba

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Job fair: Please share

I was walking and saw tents with SMART communication logos on it.

I asked if it is an exhibit or product showcase. It was a job fair.

If you have friends who are IT/ computer science graduates then you may want to share these to them. I asked for brochures and scanned them. I am not affiliated with the companies so applicants may send the companies email for job inquiry, search websites for jobs or call the contact number indicated. These companies are for direct hiring. They are not agencies.

Companies who participated:

Ayannah/ Sendah
Hiring: Software developer
Phone: (02) 634-8320
Location: Pasig City

Hiring: Youtube tools developer
Location: Eastwood city

Phone: (02) 687-0133
Location: Pasig City

Solution Exchange, Inc.
Opening: software developer, training associate

English Central

Painting Contest

I visited an office lately and saw an exhibit of the paintings in their recent contest.

Nestle Temptations Ice cream: French Salted Caramel

My sister shared with me and ice cream and I decided to write a short blog about it.

It is Nestle Temptations Ice cream French Salted Caramel.

It tastes like XO caramel candy.

What I don't like about ice cream in plastic cup packaging is that they have bitter or stingy after taste. I do not know if it is because it is the taste of the cup.

Flavor/Taste 4
Smell 4