Wednesday, December 25, 2019

SB19 Inks deal with Sony Music, releases first official single “Alab”

After selling out their first major concert in a record-breaking three minutes, SB19 is ready to dominate the local and international music market with the release of their latest single, “Alab.”

If you think the previous releases were straight up fire, wait until you hear “Alab”—a dance-pop banger built on sophisticated production, digital beats, and pulsating grooves.

Produced by Han Tae Soo, the upbeat track is “basically about finding your true love and doing whatever it takes to win that certain someone.”

“Here, we thought of fire as our burning desire, emphasizing that there’s no other way to confess your love but to tell the person directly, and that you shouldn’t waste time,” lead vocalist and rapper Sejun opens up.

Partnership with Sony Music Philippines

“Alab” is SB19’s first official single under Sony Music Philippines.

The P-pop boyband has recently expressed their gratitude to the international record label for making the partnership work. “With Sony Music Philippines, they’re a well-known major label worldwide. We feel like we can do so much more and expand to a wider audience,” Sejun says.

Sony Music, on the other hand, is thrilled to have SB19 on board. “We’re looking forward to fueling and supporting many more breakthroughs for Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin,” says Roslyn Pineda, Sony Music’s GM Philippines & VP Business Development Asia.

After receiving a copy of SB19’s dance practice video for “Go Up” from Sony Music Philippines A&R and Digital Director Maan Atienza, Roslyn can’t help but feel thoroughly impressed. “I am beyond excited! Filipinos are natural performers and when it comes to training and discipline, nothing beats the Korean way. When you merge the two, you come up with something special — SB19. They’ve taken K-Pop and made it their own. Actually, our own, if you consider SB19’s official fanbase name A’TIN.”

Brief Background

SB19 is composed of Sejun (leader, rapper and lead vocalist), Josh (lead rapper and dancer), Stell (vocalist and lead dancer), Ken (main dancer and vocalist), and Justin– (vocalist and visuals).

The fast-rising boyband debuted in 2018 with “Tilaluha,” and soon gained traction with the video release of choreography-heavy “Go Up” in July 2019.

They nabbed the first spot as this year’s most Googled Male Personalities in the Philippines, beating personalities such as Vico Sotto, Isko Moreno and more.

They recently landed on Billboard's Next Big Sound chart—which according to its website, tracks the fastest accelerating artists during the past week.

“Alab” is now available on all music streaming and download platforms worldwide.

Monday, December 16, 2019

The English-language version of “Paprika” is the next viral hit that you need to hear

Everybody, get up! There’s a new dance craze that is taking Japan by storm.

“Paprika,” the latest viral sensation that was intended to excite the global sports community for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo next year, has racked up 140 million views on Youtube. Its related NHK videos has surpassed more than 260 million views, making it the most popular current children’s song and creating a Paprika phenomenon all over Japan.

Produced and written by J-Pop star Kenshi Yonezu, the latest earworm was a huge hit for Foorin, a group of five Japanese singers and dancers composed of Moena and Hyuuga on main vocals, and Takeru, Ririko, and Chise on chorus and dance.

English-language version

On its bid to introduce the song to the international market and expand its positive message of friendship from “Japanese children to children of the world,” Yonezu specifically handpicked five native English-speaking children to re-record and perform “Paprika.”
Known as Foorin Team E, the newest pop collective whose members include main vocalists Jasmine (10 years old) and Corban (years old), and chorus singers and dancers Len (12 years old), Evangeline (12 years old), and Clara (6 years old), debuted the English-language version of “Paprika” with a fun and entertaining music video shot in a single take.

Colorful music video

Similar to Foorin’s “Paprika” video, the alternate version features the enthusiastic members dancing and singing in a field with Mount Fuji as part of the backdrop.

Choreographed by Tomohiko Tsujimoto and Koharu Sugawara, the music video retains the dance routine of the original, except for a few new formations to give the performance a refreshing spin. The broadcast on NHK E-TV “Minna no Uta” started last December 1, 2019, and was serviced on Youtube the same day.

 “Paprika” English-language version is now out on all digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music.

All royalties made from this single will be donated to the “Japan Sports Council” in order to be used for the development of the next generation athletes.

Paprika English version

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Harry Styles “lights up” with groundbreaking new album, Fine Line

Harry Styles’ sophomore album, Fine Line is finally arriving on December 13, 2019—just in time for a Friday the 13th release.

Fine Line includes previously released tracks “Lights Up,” “Watermelon Sugar,” and latest single “Adore You,” whose cryptic marketing campaign sparked tremendous buzz for weeks. The second studio release also reunites Styles with producers Jeff Bhasker, Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon, who refined the overall sound of his debut album.

A “brazenly honest” record

On Fine Line, the former One Direction star opens up about “constantly dancing in and out of desire and destruction,” as Entertainment Weekly puts it, and exploring his more brazenly honest side in terms of the songwriting process leading to the final touches of his newest album. “For me, it doesn’t mean I’ll sit down and be like, ‘This is what I have for dinner, and this is where I eat every day, and this is what I do before I go to bed,” Styles shares in a recent Rolling Stone interview. “But I will tell you that I can be really pathetic when I’m jealous. Feeling happier than I’ve ever been, sadder than I’ve ever been, feeling sorry for myself, being mad at myself, being petty and pitiful — it feels really different to share that.”

The thematic vulnerability that comes with Styles’ 12-track release earned glowing reviews from international music critics. NME praised the record for embracing the nostalgic sound of his previous self-titled record and combining it with “soaring pop sensibilities.” British bi-monthly magazine i-D called it “another confident exercise in Harry Styles’ ongoing genre cross-over.” DIY Mag dug deeper into the gripping nature of his songwriting, proclaiming that it is a “compelling document of an artist coming to life.”

Upcoming tour

After his much buzzed, sold-out concert in Manila last May 1, 2018 at the Mall of Asia arena, the British pop singer is also preparing for his upcoming 2020 world tour, ‘Love On Tour’ to promote the release of Fine Line. Full list of dates and all ticket information/on sale info is available on Harry’s official website. Asia (possibly Manila), Australia and additional tour dates to be announced in 2020.

Harry Styles’ Fine Line will be available from Friday, the 13th of December on iTunes and all other digital platforms worldwide via Sony Music.

You can watch the music video of Harry Styles’ latest single, “Adore You” below.