Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mac Eyeliner (Real Vs. Fake)

Last week I saw a series of stalls and got curious what bargain items are they selling. I was surprised to see cosmetics sold in such lower prices. Brands like Etude House, Loreal, Mac, Urban Decay, Hello Kitty cosmetics and many more. Not only cosmetics were present but also perfumes.

I bought one of the products there which is "MAC" eyeliner. And the price is lower than P100. Lower than P50 but higher than P10. Any guess? You can write in the comments section. ^_^

Here is how the eyeliner looks like.

 Let's get started and examine if this one is a real one.

I checked with the website of MAC in the Philippines and this is the only eyeliner closest to the picture that I can find.

The MAC print is not in the middle but at the end or bottom of the eyeliner. And the price is much higher than P50.

The one that I bought has large MAC letters at the middle and you can see some icons at the right that cannot be found in the original MAC eyeliner.

Another indication that is fake is the plastic sharpener plus the blunt or unsharpened tip of the eyeliner. Looks like it has been already used.

I applied it on my skin. The line at the left is when I applied some pressure and at the right is when I applied little pressure. You can also notice some very unrefined pieces along the lines.

For me what I bought is fake. When it is so good to be true, you should think twice. The price that is so low makes it attractive for customers to buy but if you are looking for authenticity then buy at the malls.

I purposefully bought a fake one to share to you readers that selling fake cosmetics is still existent. We should be health conscious it may be beneficial at the moment to buy these fake ones and use them but if it has harmful chemicals then in the long run it might damage your eyes or your skin.

Surprisingly I also saw this same kind of eyeliner sold for P50 in a popular beauty store. I really wonder why they mix up this fake eyeliner with their real ones. For me it is a dishonest act to do this and also it ruins the credibility of the store. Good thing they have removed it and just focused on selling and their main brand of cosmetics.