Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Campaign Strategy Tips from Jollibee

I had a chance to attend the talk of Jollibee's PR head. She discussed how the Valentine videos Vow, Date and Crush went viral. They hired indie film directors, conducted auditions and workshops for actors and bought rights of original song they used. The PR head even mentioned that other companies did not release their respective pre-made Valentine videos because thy are afraid of being accused of copying Jollibee.

1. Have a solid and clear strategic intent
2. Anchor your campaign on a powerful truth
3. Stay true to what your brand stands for
4. Consider relevance and relatability
5. Choose your story wisely
6. Powerful story telling
7. Understand the power of social media
8. Great timing
9. Campaign amplification
10. Create and nurture a collaborative team

More marketing or campaign strategy tips given. Click here to watch video

The indie film directors' popularity also increased they got many Facebook friend requests.

Things I learned in the talk:

1. Make videos that people can relate to and include parts that happen in real life.
2. Include stories that are not always in the mainstream or 'gasgas' na. A twist in the story helps.
3. If it is a love story most likely Filipinos will watch it since most telenovelas and movies int he Philippines are about love stories.
3. Plan when is the right timing to release the videos. Do not upload during office or sleeping hours.
4. Free PRs had a lot of contribution to making videos viral since there is share button in Facebook.
5. Have a budget for these videos and do quality planning. If you do not have a committee or many people to consult with like individual vloggers it would not be easy.
6. Post some teasers (posters, short video clips) days before the main campaign

Knowing Jollibee is a big company I can say they have more man power, budget and advantages than individual bloggers.

Working with limited budget, individual bloggers/vloggers are their own photographers, videographers, makeup artists, set design builders, marketers, script writer.

Unfortunately nowadays some viral videos have negative impact to the society like controversies, broken relationships, and pornography. It is a challenge for us individual bloggers to make videos viral that have good content that will inspire others.

Just like any company they keep monthly and even daily records of their statistics like fb views, likes, shares, youtube views, etc monthly and even daily. Individual bloggers/vloggers will have a hard time tracking all these especially the number of products that they were able to sell if the products are also available in malls.

Trivias or Behind the Scenes of Videos
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Curious why is Jollibee the mascot? Click here to watch video

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review: Clinique vs. Lancome Mascara

Mascara helps make the eyes look more lively. I compared two brands of mascara.

Clinique Mascara High Impact Mascara

The wand has more finer tooth or has more bristles. The consistency is more thin than that of lancome. It is also It has 3.5ml which has more contents than Lancome's mascara. It is black. It is lightweight. I don't feel like I'm wearing a mascara. The effect on my lashes is like volumizing. It appeared that I had more lashes than before. It doesn't have a stingy or weird smell.

Lancome High Definition Mascara

Its contents is 2.07ml. This is dark gray. I would not say that it is black because it is lighter than Clinique's mascara. It's consistency is thicker. I can feel that I am wearing a mascara. The effect on my lashes is that it can hold my lashes thicker, higher and stronger.  It doesn't have a stingy or weird smell.

I prefer to use the Clinique mascara but if you want your lashes to appear longer then you might opt to use Lancome mascara.

Left eye: Clinique mascara, Right: Lancome mascara
Note: This is not a sponsored post.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Free Sundae from Robinsons and Ministop

Last year I exchanged my rewards card to a Robinsons VIP card. To my surprise last May I got a text indicating I have a free sundae from Ministop because it was my birthday. I had a week to redeem it. 

Watch my video below redeeming a free giant cone sundae from Ministop.

What are the other perks of being a VIP card holder?
VIP cardholders can also enjoy Owndays’ PHP500 discount on prescription lenses in Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Place Manila; Get great discounts from premium brands such as Delsey in Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, and Robinsons Metro East; and Maldita at Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Place Manila.
For great dining deals, VIP cardholders are entitled to free Best Taco in Town or Almondigas Soup for a minimum purchase of P700 at Pancake House in Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, and Robinsons Place Malolos; and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Buy 2 get 1 Free Ice Blended Coffee or Tea Latte in Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila and Robinsons Magnolia.
For beauty and wellness perks, YSA Skin and Body Experts in Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Metro East and Robinsons Place Imus will be giving 20% discount on selected services and as much as 50% off on on intense diamond peel with 30% off on IPL & RF Treatments at YSA Skin and Body Experts in Robinsons Place Malolos.
For arcade lovers, Tom’s World will give free five (5) tokens upon purchase of P200 worth of tokens in Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, Forum Robinsons, Robinsons Angeles , Robinsons Place Imus, Robinsons Gen. Trias, Robinsons Place Ilocos, and Robinsons Place Palawan.

Robinsons VIP Cardholders are also entitled to free use of pay toilet at Robinsons Galleria, sale alerts via SMS, free regular popcorn for every purchase of three movie tickets, VIP seats for special events, exclusive birthday treats, and free use of mobile phone charging stations at the Customer Service Counter.
The new Robinsons VIP Card is also packed with added features to make it really worth your time and money. To date, there are 670 partners / tenants that have signed up this year. That’s a big increase in the number of participating stores, which means you get to enjoy more treats from more shops. Also, watch out for Burst Promos, which are held quarterly; and private/exclusive sales from partner brands such as the Primer Group of Companies, Store Specialists Inc., True Value/True Home, and Toys R Us.
The Robinsons Malls VIP Card has something for everyone. Movie buffs get to win advanced-screening tickets; foodies get to enjoy discounts at partner food establishments; while the rest can take advantage of priority valet parking at Robinsons Galleria.
Not a Robinsons Malls VIP cardholder yet? Get your Robinsons Malls VIP Card for a minimum purchase worth P5,000 at Robinsons Galleria, Magnolia, Metro East, Forum; and P3,000 worth of purchase at Starmills Pampanga, Angeles, Malolos, Ilocos, Pangasinan, Santiago, Las Pinas, Antipolo, Gen. Trias, Dasmarinas, Tagaytay, Los Banos, Palawan, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Jaro, Dumaguete, Roxas, Butuan, GenSan, Tacloban and Galleria Cebu. And as soon as you get hold of the “gold” card, you’re definitely in for awesome treats.
The VIP Card is also offered to VIP clients of Summit Hotels and condo owners of Robinsons Luxuria, Robinsons Residences and Communities who get to furnish their units for less as they get to avail of discounts offered by partner establishments.