Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Poor healthcare in the Philippines

The pandemic make healthcare more inaccessible for others. Some hesitate to go to the hospital for consultation and lab tests even if their sickness isn't covid related because of fear they will catch the virus.

For simple lab tests- some tests you need to reserve your slot then technician/doctor arrives minutes or hours late. You have to fight for your slot that you have reserved days before because they keep on inserting patients or singit.

Some doctors don't conduct face to face consultation if their patient is just one even if you have set an appointment and already inside the premises. There are sicknesses that should be assessed not via online consultation. There are patients that feel more confident with face to face consultation. 

Hospital staff said suit will be worn in a testing area and disinfection right after every patient will be done because it is part of what you paid for but it wasn't observed. Maybe this is one of the reasons the covid cases are still rising because even inside the hospital health protocols are not observed. Not even sure if they sanitize or disinfect chairs and wheelchair in the lobby. In addition the sanitizing gel containers are quite empty.

Many people lined up for lab tests and in buying medicines in the pharmacy. Also the triage area is sometimes manual, not all hospitals have the qr code or electronic form which makes lines longer. We all know the more you line up with people, the more you might get the virus.

No wonder many Filipinos desire to live abroad not just because of poverty and misuse of taxes but also because of poor healthcare system may it be government or private.  More advance technology to cure people isn't for everybody. It is usually just in the metro and doesn't reach other parts of the country. It is only for the ones who can afford it.

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